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Start Date End Date Details
Apr 13, 2024Apr 20, 2024Booked: Tortola, Village Cay, BVI to Tortola, Village Cay, BVI
Jun 12, 2024Jun 17, 2024Booked: Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI to Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI
Jul 15, 2024Jul 18, 2024Booked: Tortola, Village Cay, BVI to Tortola, Village Cay, BVI
Jul 20, 2024Jul 27, 2024Booked: Tortola, Village Cay, BVI to Tortola, Village Cay, BVI
Jul 28, 2024Aug 04, 2024Transit: Tortola, Village Cay, BVI to Saint George, Grenada
Oct 26, 2024Nov 02, 2024Unavailable: Tortola - Nanny Cay to Tortola - Nanny Cay
Nov 30, 2024Dec 08, 2024Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Feb 05, 2025Feb 12, 2025Booked: Tortola, Village Cay, BVI to Tortola, Village Cay, BVI
High Rate:
54,000 USD per week
Low Rate:
47,300 USD per week
MCA Compliant: MCA Compliant
Rates are Inclusive
Taxes, re-location fees, cruising permits and licenses may be extra. Please verify with clearing house.
Cruising Permit: Paid by Boat  Licenses: Paid by Boat
Seasonal/Individual Rates
 CurrencyTerms2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax7 Pax8 Pax9 Pax10 Pax
Summer 2023US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$47,300$47,300$47,300$47,300$47,300$48,950$50,600$52,300$54,000
Winter 2023/2024US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$47,300$47,300$47,300$47,300$47,300$48,950$50,600$52,300$54,000
Summer 2024US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$47,300$47,300$47,300$47,300$47,300$48,950$50,600$52,300$54,000

Additional Rate Details:
ZINGARA is based from Village Cay, Tortola.
For USVI pick-ups an additional $2000 delivery fee is required please, the same is true for drop-offs, so $4000/round-trip.

Christmas / New Years:
8 guests, 7 nights aboard: US$62,700
9 guests, 7 nights aboard: US$63,700
10 guests, 7 nights aboard: US$64,700

Spring Break/Easter Break - 7 March to 15 April - No charters under 6 nights please.

Charters outside the Virgins:
Regardless of whether or not a vessel may or may not include taxes in the vessel's listed charter fees for Virgin Islands charters, in general, no fees, port dues, nor taxes are included in the charter fee for any charter outside the Virgin Islands unless otherwise agreed.
Summer Base Port: BVI & Grenada
Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Winter Base Port: Village Cay, Tortola, BVI
Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Location Details:
BVI for late October through into early July (and down island on request)
early July through October - Grenadines.
No USVI for 2022-2023

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