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Start DateEnd DateDetails
Dec 05, 2023Dec 05, 2023Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
Jan 04, 2024Jan 07, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
Jan 23, 2024Jan 25, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
Jan 26, 2024Feb 11, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
Feb 12, 2024Feb 15, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
Feb 16, 2024Feb 19, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Beef Island, BVI*
Mar 03, 2024Mar 08, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
Mar 11, 2024Mar 13, 2024Booked: Virgin Gorda, BVI* to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
May 19, 2024May 22, 2024Booked: Tortola, Trellis Bay, BVI to Virgin Gorda, BVI*
High Rate:
24,900 USD per week
Low Rate:
14,900 USD per week
MCA Compliant: MCA Compliant
Rates are Inclusive
Taxes, re-location fees, cruising permits and licenses may be extra. Please verify with clearing house.
Cruising Permit: Paid by Boat  Licenses: Paid by Boat
Seasonal/Individual Rates
 CurrencyTerms2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax
Summer 2023US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$17,900$18,900$19,900$20,900$21,900
Winter 2023/2024US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$17,900$18,900$19,900$20,900$21,900
Summer 2024US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$17,900$18,900$19,900$20,900$21,900
Winter 2024/2025US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) Inclusive$17,900$18,900$19,900$20,900$21,900

Additional Rate Details:
*VISION is a 3 cabin Charter Catamaran (3 doubles or 2 doubles and 1 bunk with 2 twins). Please inquire about the possibility of accommodating 7/8 pax charters, only for families with children.
*Prices for ALL Charters booked from November 2022 are All-Inclusive except for 2 dinners to be taken ashore at the guest's expense.
*Extra vintage beverages or excessive alcohol requests to be paid separately prior to the charter and are Non-commissionable.
Christmas and New Year 2 to 6 pax $24,900
1. Ongoing Specials: All specials are for 6/7 nights charter- please inquire for 5 or less nights charter.

a) Honeymoon or Anniversary Package (2 pax only): Includes chocolates, flowers, secluded beaches, discreet service, and a special gift to savor the memories. Special rate of $14,900/wk all-inclusive. This special discounted rate cannot be combined with other discounts.

b) Only pick-ups and drop off in BVI - No pick-ups/drop-offs in USVI until new advisory

c) Family Special: $250 off for ONE child 12 or under at the time of the charter. Minimum 6-night charter: $225 off.

d) We encourage our clients to open their hatches at night to enjoy tropical breezes and the gentle sound of the water. Many guests are enjoying the eco AC free experience. If A/c is required at night please add a surcharge of $60 per night non-commissionable, paid on boarding or in advance to the Broker..

7 nights - Includes 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners aboard -- with all other meals to be taken ashore at the guest's expense.
Includes Open bar and Gourmet Cuisine.

2 pax/ $17,600
3 pax/ $18,500
4 pax/ $19,400
5 pax/ $20,300
6 pax/ $21,150
Charter Rates are Excluding: Marina fees
***Please inquire before booking turns of 24 hours or less. Any approved 24-hour turn will require a 3 p.m. boarding time.**** .

‭SLEEP ABOARD RATE: For arrivals, the night before is one-half of the daily rate per contract. (No per cabin rate.) Rate includes boarding after 6 pm, welcome cocktail, and appetizer (dinner to be ashore at guests' expense); breakfast, and an early (mid-morning) departure the next day.

*** For 6 nights divide the rate by 7 X 6N.

Charter rates are based on 2 pax per cabin

For Family Charters over the School Holidays - Third Crew Valentin (14 years old son) may be on board the charter - he's a great asset as he loves playing with the children about life on a yacht - - as well as on these charter dates:
Easter, Christmas, and New Years. Valentin will have the Crew cabin for charters up to 6 pax, (please inquire for 7/8 pax charters only for families with children - he'll sleep in the Salon).
Valentin is not a permanent part of the Crew, but at the Client's request he may be on board to entertain on family charters.

Please use Vision's own Preference Sheet to be supplied when a hold is placed.

*Gourmet Cuisine customized to taste including House Specialty of Argentinean BBQ.
*Open Bar with champagne and wines. Beverages included.
*Live music and dancing to guitar & percussion, starring Charly and their GUESTS!
*Special Remembrance Gift to all members of the group! Also, Photo album and Video of the trip.
*Honeymoon & Anniversary Special - surprise with a reception with Wedding cake and Champagne

Day Charter inquiries: Day Charters in BVI for guests staying in a Hotel or Villa please inquire for details and rates.

Summer Base Port: Tortola and Windwards
Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Winter Base Port: Tortola
Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands (BVI)
Location Details:
The British Virgin Islands for 2022/3/4

Inquire for Leewards

DELIVERY FEES - return trips:
SXM to Antigua - $1,000
BVI to SXM - $1,500
SXM to Grenadines - $2,500
Please inquire about delivery fees to other islands

Enquire for day charters in the British Virgin Islands.

Sneed Yacht Charters.