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CaptainChristos Frangias Greek 0
Number of Crew: 5Languages: English, Greek

Crew Profiles:
CAPTAIN – Christos Frangias
Nationality: Greek
Born in 1977 in Greece, Christos brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role, having embarked on his maritime journey in 2008. Backed by a comprehensive set of certifications including Bridge Resource and Bridge Management, as well as a first-star Open Water Diver certification from PADI, Christos ensures the safety and smooth operation of DAY OFF. Known for his excellent communication skills, dedication, and strong decision-making abilities, Christos maintains a commendable record of continuity on the positions that he has held. Beyond the helm, he indulges in his passions for swimming, diving, and various water sports during his free time, reflecting a well-rounded and adventurous personality. He speaks English fluently and has a great sense of humor.

CHIEF ENGINEER – Christos Kostis
Nationality: Greek
Chistos was born in 1965 and has maintained the position of Chief Engineer for more than 2 decades. He is married and has one child.
Previous Yachts: M/Y KENTAVROS II

COOK - Odesa Dimaculangan
Nationality: Philippino
Odesa joined the crew of Day off in 2021 but has been with the owner’s family for many years. During her first season, she pleasantly surprised the yacht’s guests with her earthy cooking and zesty, home-made food always prepared with fresh ingredients. She is competent in both Greek and Oriental cuisines with her palette ranging from home-made cookies and pastries to sushi and Thai dishes. Her devotion to hospitality as well as accommodating personality are only some ingredients making this a recipe for an excellent onboard experience. She always respects individual tastes and preferences, and gives it her all. Undoubtedly, this makes her a valued member of the team.

STEWARDESS – Rhea May Caballes
Nationality: Philippino
Rhea was born in 1986 in the Filipines. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Services and has been certified by PYA for the G.U.E.S.T Program in Yacht interior, Food Service, Bartending and Mixology. She has been part of the crew of DAY OFF since the boat’s first day being an indispensible part of the team. Her discreet character and polite, caring personality make guest of DAY OFF feel pampered and comfortable, always attending to their needs with a smile on her face. She speaks English and Greek.

DECKHAND - Eddie Paguio
Nationality: Philippino
Eddie was born in 1961 in the Philippines. He has been working in deckhand and steward positions of motor-yachts since moving to Greece, 25 years ago and on-board DAY OFF since her first day. With a very positive and service-oriented attitude, he has a keen eye for detail, keeping all aspects of the boat in perfect shape. Guests remember him for his discreet and meticulous character and big smile!

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