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Crew Profiles:
Kirsty Sky Williams - Captain
Kirsty is a nature enthusiast who began sailing at a young age in her home on the west coast of South Africa. Under the wing of the Past Commodore, Naval ship captains and tugboat drivers she learned all about going to sea.
She went offshore racing for the first time at the age of 16 and this further fueled her passion for the ocean. Kirsty is an experienced Master of Yachts Unlimited for vessels up to 200 gross tonnes, having completed all of her OOW and Chief mate 3000 modules makes safety a top priority onboard.
Kirsty has now been sharing the magic of sailing with guests since 1999. Exploring oceans, islands and coast lines adding a touch of luxury, romance and adventure giving her the ability to create picturesque vacations for guests on oceans all around the world. She will read the weather and keep to calm anchorages for sleeping at night with a well-planned itinerary and stops along the way ensuring you get to see all there is on offer while relaxing on deck.
Regardless of experience on the water, Kirsty enjoys showing those on board the ropes and is good at keeping everyone comfortable, pointing out wildlife along the way, show you how to paddle board or hand you a cocktail at the exact right moment!

Scott Miller - Mate
Scott was brought up on the west coast of Scotland by a family who were deeply involved in the marine industry in the area, and this is where he got his passion for the sea.  He has worked within the industry himself throughout his career and on the sea and boats of all shapes and sizes. He is also a qualified diver.  After working on so many yachts while being land based it is his dream come true to join Dama de Noche in Italy 2022, working alongside his partner, Kirsty.  Scott is looking forward to channelling all his positive energy and knowledge to ensure our charter guests enjoy their time on board, both above and below the water.  

Gwen Rapley- Chef
Gwenn landed her first professional cooking job at 17yrs of age and has been passionate about food ever since, she enjoys making the best of what is freshly available to inspire her dishes especially when it is fresh fish. Gwenn very much enjoys sailing and all the challenges it brings with it, she has been working onboard yachts of all sizes catering to a wide variety of clients since 2011. This young lady was born on a sailing boat and spent much of her youth sailing with her family around the Caribbean. Gwenn says “my favourite part about Dama de Noche is that we get the sails up often and there is always a fishing line out the back”.

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