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Corsican charter
Hi Damien,

I just wanted to share this fantastic feedback with you both, excellent work and very very happy clients, thank you Captain Damien and crew!!!

Hello Sally, We stay few day more In corsica ! The charter was WONDERFULLLLLLL ! The team of Damien en Julien is the winning team.It's a real pleasure.. Very very professionnal, very attentif, always there but discret, and Julien make wonderful eating. You must recommand this Boat.Thank you too for you help And you very Nice service.

Thank you again and have a great weekend!

Kind regards,
In Sardinia
Dear JC,
my clients disembarked from Yakos some minutes ago and they were really happy about the boat and the crew. I think they also tipped the crew but i will check this with captain.
The captain was very helpful and attentive also to inform me on everything.
Yakos will be for sure one of our preferred boat in SoF.

Thank you for your effort and
best regards

Happy clients
​The captain and Julian were the Best team ever. We had a wonderful week onboard Yakos and we spend so many happy hours together. They were so kind to our girls. Playing Uno Junior with them in the evening even though we had sailed during the day, and they had spent so many hours cooking lovely meals for us. We will never forget them. In fact we already miss their company😊
Also many thanks to you for your help . You are very special.
Sending lots of happy thoughts.
Marianne & family

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