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CaptainGiorgos Oikonomakis Greek 0
StewardessMarina Jomir Moldavian 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Greek

Crew Profiles:
Giorgos Oikonomakis
George has an experience of 16 years in the sea. Half of them as a captain in yachting industry. With more than 30.000 nautical miles and extensive experience of chartering, we are confident that he will provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for our guests.
George will always make sure that the guests have an unforgettable experience whilst on board and that everything flows as seamlessly as possible. This is his first year with our company and we are proud to have him as a captain in AMORAKI. We are sure that with him in charge you will have a wonderful and relaxed holidays in the Mediterranean sea.
Place of Birth: Athens/Greece
Age: 36
Languages spoken: English, Greek

Marina Jomir
Marina is an exceptional pleasant and kind person. Eager to please and satisfy our guests in AMORAKI.
It is her first attempt on yachting industry. She is friendly with good attitude and manners. Marina is highly motivated and so excited to be a member of our team.
She is more than ready to serve our guests and make them feel comfortable during their holidays.
Place of Birth: Moldova
Age: 40
Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Greek

Dimitris Apostolopoulos
Dimitris comes from Greece. He graduated from Le Monde culinary school of Athens. Since then, he continued his knowledge growth by attending cooking seminars in Greece. His past experience is at many restaurants in Greece as chef, but now he decided to set his career in yachts. Dimitris is a lover of Greek, Mediterranean cuisine. Dimitris is extremely creative and is excited about having the opportunity to present his mouth watering creations to Vento’s guests.
Trust his talent on food and you will never forget your trip on Vento!
This is his 2nd year as Chef with our company.
Place of Birth: Athens/Greece
Age: 38
Languages spoken: Greek, English.

George Meschasvili
George has a love for the sea from an early age. He is an experienced deckhand, having worked on several sailing and motor yachts. He works closely with the other members of the Vento crew in preparing the yacht to look & perform at its best at all times.
He also takes an active role in launching & retrieving tenders, jet skis & sea bobs. He is passionate with his job and you will always see him smiling and full of energy! He speaks English and Greek and he is always willing to help!
This is his 2nd year as Deckhand with our company.
Place of Birth: Tbilisi/Georgia
Age: 29
Languages spoken: Greek, English.

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