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Previously named NUMBER ONE

CaptainNikos Giamalakis Greek 0
ChefSotiris Solomos Greek 0
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Nikos Giamalakis

Nikos was born in Athens, and for the past several years, he has worked as a Captain on sailing and motor yachts, taking guests on day trips and longer vacation cruises. He began his career at sea at an early age. As he got older, his enthusiasm for sailing intensified, and he eventually began working as a professional sailing coach in yacht clubs and on Olympic classes, logging more than 5,000 nautical miles in races since 1998. His years of experience working with kids as a coach make him a natural leader. He can think outside the box, talk to anyone, and solve any problem. With a warm smile and a handshake, he welcomes his passengers aboard Aether.
A native Greek speaker, and fluent in English.

• Licensed Sailing yacht Captain up to 2000 m by HORC 2008
• Licensed Speed boat Captain by Hellenic Coast Guard 2010
• Licensed Sailing coach for Olympic classes by Greek Ministry of Sports (2014)
• Licensed teacher for offshore skipper by Greek Ministry of Sports (2014)
• Licensed pool lifeguard from ENAK 2014

Chef: Sotiris Solomos

Chef Sotiris boasts a rich culinary journey, marked by his extensive experience in both land-based and maritime kitchens. Beginning his career in the restaurant industry in 2013, Sotiris quickly honed his skills and expertise in different restaurants and yachts all over Greece. His role as yacht chef demanded not only his culinary prowess but also his adeptness in efficient provisioning and supply management, ensuring high-quality dining experiences at sea. With an additional four-year background as a bartender, he excels in customer service, seamlessly blending his knowledge of professional cooking and menu creation with basic wine expertise to deliver exceptional food experiences. His commitment to quality control underscores his dedication to maintaining the highest standards in every dish he crafts. He speaks Greek and English fluently and has some basic knowledge of Spanish, ensuring seamless communication on board.

Deck/Stew: Raluca Maria Sălăgean

Raluca, born in Romania in 1982, brings a wealth of diverse experiences to her role as the deck/stew aboard Aether. With a Journalism degree under her belt, she transitioned seamlessly into customer service roles across various cafes, restaurants, and hotels since 2006. Her most recent venture took her to the picturesque waters of Santorini, where she served as a hostess on a catamaran. Possessing fluency in English, Greek, French, Spanish, and Italian, Raluca excels in catering to guests' needs with spontaneity and creativity. Her attention to detail, tireless dedication, coupled with problem-solving abilities honed through her tenure as a tourism specialist, ensures exceptional service on board. She is organized, has great management abilities and team spirit, which combined, add great value to her role aboard Aether.

Nikos Giamalakis

Raluca Maria Sălăgean

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