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May 2024
Captain B & Karen,

What a wonderful time we have had! I cannot imagine a better experience than what you provided. Karen - you are an amazing chef, everything was so delicious. You nailed it every meal. Captain B - we always felt safe and needed tended to. You are a wonderful pair! I will definitely be recommending you to others so don't be surprised when you start to see a lot of south Tampa guests, lol. Thank you again, our time here was exceeded our expectations for our first time on a catamaran and we look forward to sailing again in the future!

With gratitude,

Jackie & Rick
May 2024
Dear Captain B & Karen,

I would have never imagined we could be so lucky finding Blue Pepper and meeting you both. You are the reason our trip has been so fabulous. You both will be in our memories forever. It has all felt so natural and comfortable. You are both so kind to us and each other. The way you accommodate each of us including a pregnant (surprise pregnant!) guest like me, was just so special and unforgettable. Thanks for also always laughing at our silly, mostly inappropriate comments and jokes and even contributing to the humor and funny stories. You don't often meet people like you both, truly, genuine and happy - you are good role models on how to live life to its fullest and to find happiness in the crazy complicated world. Thank you so much for keeping us safe, cooking the BEST food and increasing our love for the BVIs.... we will be back soon!

Love Ali & Regan,
May 2024
Capt B, Karen & The Blue Pepper -
Thank you for such an amazing vacation. We were pleasantly surprised by just how perfect everything was - the hospitality, the food, the company! You made the boat feel like home for the week. We appreciate your kindness, patience, and sesnse of humor! If you every want to explore the floating hospital venture, just let us know! Here's to NEVER running out of dinghy!!

Eva & Jace
April 2024
Dear Karen & Brendan,

Thank you so much for another incredible week in the British & US Virgin Islands! You all took such amazing care of us with world class food and delicious drinks topped off with your easy going and flexible personalities. We always felt 100% safe and cared for. Until next time!

Love Dan & Paula
"BVI Buccaneers"
April 2024
Karen & Brendan,

Our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Thank you for all of your hard work and attention to detail. We'll be back!
David & Kelly
April 2024
Thank you for a fabulous intro to sailing and the BVIs. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Food was the best every, especially the pineapple Pina colada bread!! We can't wait to come back!!
John & Rebecca
April 2024
Captain B & Chef K,

What an amazing week!! We did not know what a treat we were in for. Every single meal was absolutely amazing. Lobster, mahi, steak, pina colada bread, BACON, etc, I can't even remember them all. Your hospitality was above and beyond. We are going home with fill timmies and hearts. Thank you for all that you did for us.

With much love,
Sara & David "Dr. Love"
March 2024
Karen and Brendan,

Thank you so much for hosting our friends and us for such an amazing trip to celebrate our anniversary and birthdays. What an experience! The food was wonderful. You made this a trip to remember with your hospitality.

Sincerely ,

Julie and John


I’ve always dreamed of a trip like this. It was amazing in every way.
Food, fun, beauty, hospitality, and everything in between.
Thank you for an unbelievable experience!

Karen & B,

This trip was an amazing combination of luxury, exploration and relaxation. I’ve never had an experience ever come close. Deb and I will always cherish the memories we made this week and an over emphasis to you on your attention to detail, preparation, and knowledge. You took great care of us, and we can’t thank you enough!

-Harris & Deb


Thank you for making a once in a lifetime trip come true, can’t wait till next time!


Brendan and Karen,

Thank you so much for being incredible hosts for us. This was the best trip ever.
Everything was perfect. I hope to come back soon and join you on the Blue Pepper!

All the best,

February 2024
Dear Captain, Brendan and Chef Karen,

Truly, a trip of a lifetime thanks to the two of you, from the nightly specialty cocktails to the delicious gourmet meals to the sharing of local knowledge we felt taken care of in every possible way!

You both have a gift of making each person on board feel very special.

We couldn’t have asked for a more memorable experience.

Now to start planning our next voyage aboard Blue Pepper.

With Love,
Brooke and Joe Horan

Dear captain B and chef Karen,

Thank you, thank you thank you for such an amazing trip. You both made it so so special! Going from Island to Island with you was so spectacular and the entire trip was magical thanks to you guys. And the food… Boy, the food was amazing. My special birthday surprise was so memorable and magical. Thank you for that and many other things. This trip will live with me for a very long time, thank you for making it so memorable and fantastic. As Mat likes to say we were like seal team six all through vacation so thank you. Thank you so so so much I and seven other people had an amazing time and made lots of fun memories like setting the record for longest trip that someone has stayed on for tubing. This trip was great all thanks to you two. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for being you. The memories made on this trip will never be forgotten. You two have made this trip unforgettable.
Thanks to Captain B and Chef Karen!


Dear Brendan and Chef Karen, thank you so much for taking me to all of the places. My favorite part was going to Brewers Bay and going to the Baths.
Thank you guys for everything.

A Terrific charter once again!
Captain B & Mrs. K,

Once again, this was such an amazing trip. You never fail to make me and everyone else laugh. You all made this trip so special and fun. I was looking forward to coming back since I stepped off the boat last year! Mrs. K you’re cooking is truly memorable. I am going to miss you all so much! I hope you have the best 2024!!


Karen and Brendan,

Before writing this, I revisited my book entry from the exact same day last year. Every word I wrote there is equally applicable to the experience we’ve had the last six days. The only notable differences would be our expectations were even higher this year with us having a full year under our belt from land time. Yet… somehow someway you once again, exceeded them all,
and did so with only the two of you working even harder to take care of us in every way. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for a second incredible experience. While there are multiple factors that made this week what it is, the boat, the locations, the weather, incredible food… the two of you sharing the experience with us is the single biggest factor, by far. Who you are as people and how you work together to do what you do will never be forgotten. Karen and B you will always be family to us. If you are ever traveling anywhere close to Charlotte, it would be our honor to host you to try and give a small fraction of the care and comfort you’ve given us.
Until our next adventure together!


Captain B & Special K!

I’ll try to think of one word to describe this trip and the word full comes to mind. Our time was full of laughter, beautiful places, and amazing experiences. No question that our stomachs are full! Full of the food and recipes we will try to re-create because all of us enjoyed them so much. Granted, we may have to limit the cinnamon roll intake! But more importantly, our hearts are full! We love how much you take care of us, how much you enjoy Tony and Weston, and how close we’ve all become. You really are family! I’m going to sign off before my eyes are full of tears. We love you guys!

The best vacation with the best people! Captain B, and Special K you are unmatched and made this trip so unbelievably special!

The Toler Pack
December 2023
Queen Karen and Captain B,

Thank you for a beyond fabulous time that exceeded all expectations. All future vacations are ruined! You both have such a bright light that is rare to find. Karen, your food was delicious and I wish I could eat it every day. B – thank you for your dad jokes and keeping my nerves calm. You both have forever left the best memories engraved in my brain. I hope to cross paths soon. Thank you for making the trip AMAZING! It was amazing to know It wasn’t a scam. You’re even better looking than your motto! You both made the trip for Greg everything I could have dreamed of!


Karen and Captain B!

This was the most amazing trip, a trip of a lifetime! Without you two I don’t think it would have been! Between the amazing food, the knowledge of the islands, fish, social scenes, and restaurants in addition to the drinks, and the overall positive and happy atmosphere. You two really know how to make a family feel special. Thank you for your hospitality and warm and amazing service! You two are a beautiful couple. I hope in a few years we might cross paths again. If not, I wish you both the best, it was a pleasure getting to know you.


Captain B & Karen

Thank you so much for an amazing trip, and a wonderful introduction to chartering. Your knowledge of the islands, personality, and wonderful cooking made the trip the best it could be! Hopefully our paths can cross again someday. Thank you!


Captain B & Chef K,

We loved this vacation so much. You made it more special than anyone could have hoped for. Thank you for going the extra mile and all the unique stuff we got to see.


Captain B & Chef K,

I could not have picked a better way to spend my 60th birthday. This trip was even better than I could’ve hoped for. You guys are amazing and we were spoiled to no end. The hosting was over the top and could not have been better! The recommended ports were amazing and I feel like we got to see the most beautiful parts of the Virgin Islands. My family loved being with you on this trip and you made everything special. My sincerest thanks for a wonderful birthday.

All the best,


K and B,

Thank you for the best vacation ever! You both made our family feel special and loved. Greg‘s birthday week was one to remember. We will never forget our time on Blue Pepper. The food was the best even better than any restaurants in Denver. Karen, you have inspired me to be a better cook. Thank you for the memories!


Thank you so much for an unforgettable vacation and helping to make my dad’s 60th amazing. Chef K all the meals were outstanding and wonderful. I am 10 pounds heavier leaving St. Thomas. Captain B, thank you for showing us all of the amazing spots and all the information on sailing.


Joseph Toler

Incredible Birthday
Dear B and K,

Words cannot express how incredible the two of you made my birthday/what an experience of a lifetime! You guys are the most thoughtful and sweetest couple, and we are beyond lucky to have spent the last week with you! We have been so spoiled and it’ll definitely be hard to adjust back to reality/and land, ugh! Land pools will never be the same. Nor will regular bacon! I still will never understand how K worked her magic in that tiny kitchen plus broken freezer/it is truly wizardly! Beyond the phenomenal food and service you guys provided, your professionalism and attention to detail is unparalleled. This will undoubtably be one of the best birthdays of my life. Thank you guys for everything and please reach out if you find yourself in San Diego. I’ll miss you guys so much!!

Love, Christine

Incredible Trip
B & K,

Thank you for such an unforgettable experience! Few people can leave such an impression on our hearts, and I know we will never forget you! You both made the trip, so incredible. We are so grateful for all you did for us. It is so appreciated, thank you!! Until our paths cross again, we wish you all the best! You have to promise to visit us in San Diego.

Love always,

Jean & Nick

November 2023
Brendan and Karen,

You guys are incredible and you made our lives so much better. A lot of firsts for us on this trip and you made them unforgettable. Our first sailing trip, first time snorkeling with Rowan and so much more.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. Rowan is especially appreciative and will never forget this trip. Please come visit us in San Diego and hopefully by then Rowan will be saying more than oh no!

Dan & Bud

Fantastic Crew
Brendan, I enjoyed our conversations of love ballads, pizza, milk, and raising our hands to speak. I respect your professionalism, and being a captain, and how you approach your craft. Hope to take you out one day on the bay in San Diego.

Karen, the quality of your food and efficiency in packing and prepping for the week with the freezer down is unworldly. The little touches of edible flowers on your plating, saving the last sausages for the birthday girl and homemade breads did not go unnoticed. What you and Brendan have together is amazing. Thank you both so much for this week. May the wind always be at your back!

Highest Regard,

Jason D
Excellent Crew
Good Morning!

Although I am so sad to be leaving today I am incredibly thankful to have crossed paths with such amazing individuals. How did we get so lucky? Your warmth, kindness and thoughtfulness has made our time here truly unforgettable. You’ve provided extraordinary hospitality plus exceptional service, (we’ve already jealous of your next sunset!) Karen’s food and meals exceeded our expectations and her fresh baked breads have changed my life! We are beyond grateful for the thoughtful touches you added for Christine’s birthday. It was so heart warming! We hope our paths will cross again soon. You guys make our hearts happy! Safe travels and sending lots of love!

Jen & Namson

P.S. Thank you captain B for a jumping in to save my sister!!

P.P.S I’ll always have you both chuckling after I say good morning now!

P.P.P.S we miss you guys already!

Please come visit us in sunny Southern CA!
Best Vacation Ever
Best Chef & Captain in the game! Thanks for the best time!

-Andy D.

Captain and K,

Thank you for the memories. We have had an amazing trip. You treated us like family.
We can’t thank you enough for these five days of memories for our grandchildren.

-Gustavo & Mireya Caso

P.S. We changed of plans, we are staying!

Fabulous family vacation. Thank you!

Thank you for Everything!

Thank you for the best time!!
Love, Gaby

Can’t thank you guys enough for the wonderful trip. Your professionalism, kindness, and pleasant demeanor are second to none. Truly grateful for all your courtesies. Wish we could have spent more time aboard with you guys. Please reach out if you are ever in Miami or you think I can be of help in anyway. We will definitely miss you guys!

Captain and Chef,

Thank you for such a memorable experience. We had such an amazing time. We look forward to seeing you again!
-William Sr.
November 2023
"Everything was great! The boat itself had a great layout and everything we expected. Food quality was top notch and of course Karen and Brenden were super fun. I highly suggest booking them again for any of your other clients."
Five Star Service
Blue Pepper and the staff were the best! They blew away my expectations! The food was superb and the service is exceptional. Karen had supplies available for everything even medical situations and I was shocked at how prepared she was. Brendan was a great captain and made sure he stayed awake till the last person went to bed, so responsible and professional! We all would highly recommend chartering Blue Pepper with Karen and Brendan.

- The Kings

Captain Brendan and Chef Karen,

Thank you for an amazing week! You two have gone above and beyond.
Such exceptional service! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!

- The Resses

Just awesome, as you said, we will have a vacation of a lifetime, and we did! We all feel like royalty, your attention to details is incredible. The food was out of this world! I am waiting for recipes please. And overall you are such a fun and interesting couple to spend days onboard with. Loved it! Happy travels!! Please join us in Lebanon anytime! We would love for you to stay with us! Everything was so wonderful!

Wow! What can I say, a trip of a lifetime. It was on our bucket list and has now been accomplished above and beyond our dreams. Oh my goodness – what can I say! We have been treated like royalty. What a 55th b-day to remember. The food has been amazing – I want a cookbook of all the menus. You were far superior to any of the restaurants we went to. Brendan, thanks for planning and plotting all of our day adventures. Of course, my most incredible memory was our last day, a full day of sailing, I love sailing. Thanks for making my birthday so memorable thanks to all you did!

-Michelle Tyson
Summer 2023
You guys were great hosts. Always attentive to everyone of our needs and wants. Nothing was off-limits to request. Brendan, you were always in motion helping everyone. Boss lady K-chef K, the food was always great, couldn’t ask for anything better! I sure hope we can meet again! Happy travels!!

Join us in Lebanon, Tel Aviv, anytime!
We would love for you to stay with us! Everything was wonderful!

Awesome that’s the only word I can think of to describe the last seven days. The Blue Pepper is a beautiful boat, but frankly comes in second to the way we were all spoiled by Brendan and Karen. The food rivaled anything we have had on the seven ocean cruises we have enjoyed. But the sun and spirit had by the eight guests and crew of two is what we will always remember.

Love you guys…stay in touch,

Hugh and Marcia Blackdott
Wonderful Vaca
Thank you Karen and Brendan for the most wonderful vacation and adventure. We loved every part of our journey throughout the BVI and St. John. We feel so lucky that we sailed on our favorite catamaran and now have our new favorite chef and captain. We appreciate all of your patience, kindness, laughter, and really for taking such great care of our family. We can’t wait to travel again with you both!!

I loved this trip. I think it was my favorite. Thank you for being the best chef and captain. I hope to see you again!

Lots of hugs and thanks,

The Lapayowker Family
March 2023
Thank you Karen & Brenden for the most amazing week! You all are the most incredible hosts and we feel so blessed to have spent the last 5 days with you. Thank you for the BEST food and the most incredible coves to snorkel, swim and efoil! We have LOVED our time on Blue Pepper and we hope to see you all again soon. Thank you again! We love y'all!
Libby, Brian, Hunter, Anna & Katherine (AKA Mary Kate & Ashley) and Haylie and Maddie
March 2023
Our Spring Break family trip has been absolutely amazing! The Blue Pepper is an incredible boat, and Brendan and Karen are as good as it gets. I can’t imagine a crew that is as friendly, talented and welcoming as them. We are sad to see our trip come to an end tomorrow.
March 2023
Thank y'all for the best 5 days EVER! Best food, pina coladas, pain killers, activities, and more! We love Blue Pepper!
-Katherine, Kate, Ashley and Maddie
New Years 2023
Dear Captain B, Karen, & Mariana,

This has been the best trip I have ever taken! Not just because of the AMAZING food (way better than my moms), the delicious mocktails and being able to see beautiful sights. I was able to be greeted with warm smiles every morning and before going to bed, y'all always made me laugh and I'm so glad I was able to experience the wonderful trip with you guys! I know I only met you a week ago, but it feels like I have known you guys for so much longer. I will miss taking selfies on you're great camera and constantly laughing at your jokes. You guys made this such a memorable trip, and I really hope we get to see y'all again.

PS - Captain B, I know you think you're a dork, but I think you're really cool

New Years 2023
Captain B, Karen & Mariana,

Wordscannot describe how great this trip was. Between the amazing meals, jokes, and all the cool activities you all provided us with The week could not have been better. Seriously, I do not know how you all put up with Towne and I's craziness, my dad's jokes, and much more. I think it is safe to say that Captain B is a better motor boats man than my dad, but don't tell him I said that. All 3 of you impressed me since day one. We are all beyond lucky to have had you all. The crew and Blue Pepper will be missed!
New Years 2023
Thank you for giving us the vacation and experience of a lifetime. Your smiles, laughter, guidance and hospitality made it magical. Every time we sat around the table, we would try to decide which meal was better, as each one seemed to top the next and each persons favorite was different, so much so that Taylor wants to collaborate on a cookbook. And thank you for finding ways to make each person feel special. Taking Weston fishing on every part of the VI's (I'm so glad he caught on) to setting up all the different activities to even TikToks with the girls. You guys may go viral. There are endless favorite moments! But the best part is how much you treated us like family. Small moments like seeing you guys hanging out with Towne and genuinely laughing or Mariana in deep conversation with Weston or listening to his riddles/jokes while politely waiting while he intensely watched the fishing line. Thank you for all the special moments. You all are family members now! Ones we might only see once a year, but ones we will look most forward to seeing!

We love you guys!
Christi, Barrett, Towne and Weston
New Years 2023
Not sure where to begin. From the second we stepped on the boat, our expectations had already been impossibly high (you met my wife) have been exceeded in every way!

Our family and the other we were with have been incredibly fortunate, enjoying a dozen amazing vacations together over the past several years. This trip has been, by far, with no close second, the single best vacation we have EVER had.

The quality fun we've had with each other and especially our children is something no parent can put a price on. And while there are a number of contributing factors, ranging from the location and scenery, to the gourmet cuisine every meal, to every activity being available to us...the single biggest reason this trip was what it was is the three of you!

Brendan, Karen and Marianna, you will always be family to us! You will always be the 3 individuals who, as a collective team, provided us the best week we could have dreamed of.

To make all eight of us feel completely comfortable from the first second we stepped on, the boat by itself, is the greatest gift you could have provided us. The 3 of you working flawlessly together to make a very hard job appear effortless is something I'll be talking about for years.

Please know you all are like family, literally, and we would love to host you all here if you are ever in North Carolina.

I would say we are going to miss you and we will be back, I'm very confident we will be seeing you all again in upcoming years.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such and incredible trip and for being the people you are.

All the best,

Taylor, Jessica, Robert & Reese
Christmas 2022
Thank you so much for everything! Your kindness, caring, humor and your ability to anticipate all our needs. Thank you for the amazing food that was made with love in a boat kitchen and time consuming. Thank you for making my birthday so very special.
It may be Christmas Eve today, but thank your for making the last seven days feel like Christmas every moment!

Jennifer & Steve
PS We are waiting for you in Austin

Thank you for the most wonderful experience here in the Caribbean! Everyone was so kind, caring, and fun! And thank you for the most special birthday. The cake was delish! Hope we can sail again together soon!


This trip was amazing for us! As parents to 5 month old baby Beaux, we didn't know what to expect on the boat with an addition. There were many little moments with the baby - she really took to Captain B - and we appreciated your level of safety. Karen, your food was next level. Every night you surpassed the previous meal... we are so full and are leaving with content bellies. David loved Captain B's strong cocktails too. Most of all, we appreciated your willingness to help and kindness making this trip incredibly relzing and abundant.

Love, Jade, David and Baby Beaux
Best Experience Ever!
Thank you for giving me the best experience and vacation ever. I loved watching the sea turtles and the stingrays and barracuda. The tubing was a blast! You made the best meals and popcorn. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.
- Marke Corbett
Thanksgiving 2022
What an amazing trip, not even sure where to begin! Captain Brendan and Karen were great. We felt comfortable the second we stepped onboard. The food was plentiful, and so good, especially catering to three picky ones. What a fabulous way to spend Thanksgiving. This was a trip of a lifetime and I thank you both. We were so lucky with what we saw in the water every day. So unforgettable! Best family trip ever!! We will miss you guys but hope to see you again next year. A million thank yous!
Erin and Joe
Novmber 2022
Thank you so much! I will never forget this trip. This experience was truly amazing. The food especially was great- five stars. Snorkeling was awesome! We saw a lot of turtles, tropical fish, sea urchins, stingrays, and even eels. I will never forget. Thank you so much!
July 2022
In my 16 years of living you made the best filet ever. The tubing was also legendary. Thank you so much for the best trip I have ever been on in my life. Karen, thank you for all of the work you put into your breakfasts, lunches and dinners, they were some of the best Ive ever had. Brendan, thank you for all the patience you had while me and Luke were trying to climb on the innertube. Thanks to both of you for being kind and enthusiastic and being the best crew ever!
July 2022
B & K,
There are not words to express how thankful we are to have had you two to show us your beautiful second home. We had the absolute best time! I can't picture any people better to have hosted us; we are so grateful. You two have the kindest hearts and are so good at what you do! Thank you!
July 2022
Karen & Brendan,
We can't begin to thank you enough for everything you've done to make this trip unforgettable. You exceeded every expectation that we had and the minute we boarded you welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like family. Your level of service and patience in accommodating this crazy party of nine was incredible. Every moment was filled with lots of love and laughter, and hear some of our favorite memories...drinks of the day, virg smashing her knee before leaving the dock, sasquatch. Jar, thumpers, black magic, the never ending sheet cake, wakeboarding and tubing, story time with B, sound of music singalongs, Aly and Saras naps, seabass's dance moved, the chilean rowing team, boy scouts, cabins on the raft, steve's morning coffee, oscar's revenge laugh, the diving competitions, drone pics, the amazing sweet night, yamy, poopy g, and so much more!! lol A very special shoutout to Chef special K's cooking and for accommodating all the picky eaters (cant wait for you to cater our weddings!) We'll miss you immensely and can't wait for our paths to cross again...looking forward to maggie Wednesday's! With love and gratitude, The Jiminez & Valdez fams

I truly cannot express how grateful we are for the patience and care that you showed for all of our kids. It means the world to us and we will never forget it.
July 2022
Brendan & Karen,
This was hands down the best vacation I have ever been on! Thank you for all your hard work and kindness. From the incredible food to the fun activities every day, we all had the time of our life! We appreciate everything you did for us this week, thank you for making this so special for us!
July 2022
Best boat team ever! Thanks for helping us make some great memories with the nieces and nephews! The food was just amazing, Karen! And B- you are a grillmaster! And drinkmaster! You gave us a stress-free week with 4 teenagers – so relaxing and enjoyable!
We will recommend you both (the B&K team) to our friends who might love to experience the amazing vacation we had.
We're already talking about our next cruise – with you guys, of course! Hope it's on the Rumba – but we'll follow you where you go!
Happy sailing, until next time!”
June 2022
Thank you so much for this trip of a lifetime. It was one of my favorite trips and experiences. You guys made it so special and memorable. The cooking was the best food ive ever had and im not kidding! I hope we get to meet again sometime soon! Thank you so very much for making this trip incredible!
June 2022
Thank you so much for literally the best trip I have ever been on. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life. You guys ere an awesome crew and great new friends to have. Super thankful for you guys and for y'all giving us this experience. Also, by far the best food I have ever had. I really hope to see you guys sometime again. One last thank you for everything! I am so thankful!
June 2022
Thank you for everything you've done for us the past week! You guys are amazing and have made this adventure one we will never forget. Thank you so much! We appreciate you!
June 202
I had such a great time with special K and Capt. B, you guys are the best hosts and very funny. I'm so glad I got to spend a week on the Rumba. This is a week I will never forget. Thank you so much for having us!
June 2022
Thank you so much for all of your hospitality – we felt as at home with both of you! Every day was an absolute blast and so memorable! You both are the most genuine, thoughtful and fun to hang out with. We will never forget all the fun times, excellent meals, laughter and sunsets! We'd love to come back again soon to visit! Love Amy, TJ, Angie, & Brent
June 2022
Dear Brendan and Karen,

We had the best vacation! We are giving you a 10/10. This vacation was beyond our expectations! You were like family! So kind and sincere with every day and each fabulous meal and snack. We want to follow you on your cooking show “Island Eats With Karen”. The lilly pad was the best seat on the sea. The snorkeling, the fish, the sights, were some unforgettable sights! The trails had awesome views, we got so many great pictures. Thank you for Brewer's Bay – Aiden was amazed by the flights and planes. Elle's first tubing adventure was fun. Molly loved feeding the goats – thank you for taking here over. Hannah loved the private tour and she promises to watch the end of Black Sails. Erik loved being with his family all week and relaxing. They loved seeing the turtles and the other ocean life. Scott loved the adventures on Cruz and Caneel Bay and the sailing though all the turquoise waters sailing through Cinnamon Bay to wave at Kenny Chesney. Jen loved all the special celebrations, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays! You did it all with love and we are all so grateful!!
June 2022
Captain B and special K!

You guys were literally amazing. I loved this trip so so so much. One of the best trips that I have been on. You guys were so fun and I will definitely miss you! You always made me laugh so much and I don’t think I was down once this trip! Thank you so much for spoiling me!
June 2022
This has been one of the best trips of my life. Karen and Brendan made this trip more than I could ask for. They gave us experiences, stories, and more fun than I could ever ask for. I would come back in a heartbeat. Cooking was absolutely phenomenal. They made sure to capture every precious moment. I will never forget this trip!
June 2022
Thanks for the fun trip and the amazing service and comedy throughout. It’s a great way to finish my high school career, thank you!
May 2022
I really appreciate you! Karen and Brendan – thank you for the amazing food, sailing and hospitality! Also, thanks for being you! Until next time!
April 2022
Karen and Brendan,

What a trip of a lifetime! Thank you both for taking such a great care of us and sailing us to the most beautiful places in the USVI. The snorkeling on this trip has been the best I have ever experienced and your knowledge of the coves to find it was magical. The food was outstanding throughout the week and your cheerful presentation made every meal an experience. Finally, thank you for joining our group as though you were part of our friendship group. You guys are wonderful and meeting you was a blessing. You are forever our friends and I wish you both the best life has to offer in the future. Thank you for an amazing week on these beautiful waters! With love!
April 2022
Karen and Brendan,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us this week. You made this a trip of a lifetime. Thank you for putting up with us – and mr Olson! We can tell you love your jobs and you are great at it! We are hoping one day we can make it back for another trip with you guys. We wish rich blessings on you and hope you get to find new adventures. With gratitude!
April 2022
Karen and Brendan,

I had the most wonderful trip – once in a lifetime. It was so much fun and you forced me to eat way too much! So very delicious. You two are beyond amazing and I cannot thank you enough for everything I will treasure the memories made. Wishing you all the best this world has to offer to you two! Thank you for everything!!
April 2022
Thanks for the food, the laughter and the care and especially the wonderful drinks of the day. I cant tell you how much I especially appreciated how Brendan always told me “good job” as I gracefully (not!) entered and entered the dinghy. This week was full of memories we will never forget and hopefully we can do it again in the future. Karen makes the best desserts!
Thanks for the food, the laughter and the care and especially the wonderful drinks of the day. I cant tell you how much I especially appreciated how Brendan always told me “good job” as I gracefully (not!) entered and entered the dinghy. This week was full of memories we will never forget and hopefully we can do it again in the future. Karen makes the best desserts!
April 2022
We have totally enjoyed being with friends and especially the crew! There are so many memories that were made this week! You guys are and make a fantastic team. I do hope we will stay in touch. Oh and the knowledge we captured will definitely be remembered and shared. I wish you both best wishes. You made us feel as if we were part of your family. Love you guys!
Darla and Jerry
April 2022
Karen and Brendan,

It was worth the 2 year wait! We had planned this trip years ago and we were nervous we would miss the opportunity for our families. This trip blew our wildest expectations. Brendan was an incredible captain and host, always patient and catering to our desires to spend as much time as possible in the water. You could tell how much he genuinely enjoyed our knuckleheads playing in the water. The snorkeling spots were incredible! Our kids had a ton of fun being towed by the dinghy.

Karen was an amazing chef and more importantly, incredibly thoughtful about our food restrictions. The meals were delicious and you could tell that she took great investment in our happiness!

The week went by way too fast! We cannot wait until our paths cross again! xoxo
March 2022
Thanks for a luxurious week of sunsets, cocktails, snorkeling and water sports. Brendan refused to let our families lift a finger taking care of everything and Karen not only was a phenomenal cook but she went out of her way to make sure we had everything we desired! The amazing views of the Virgin Islands will never be forgotten. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Thank you so much for helping our family make the most amazing memories – Karen, your cooking was spectacular and Brendan you catered to our children and made sure they were having fun (safely) which was such a task since we have daredevils at time. Endless thanks to you both. You were amazing! Love you guys and wish you the best! Miss you already!
March 2022
We had a great time. Rumba was in very good shape. The layout of the boat was perfect for our group. We took advantage of the roomy flybridge. The lounge area on the bow was nicely cushioned. The staterooms were comfortable and the AC and plumbing all worked perfectly.

Captain Brendan was terrific. He was very quick to understand our interests and come up with an itinerary that met them. Prior to the charter we expressed interest in getting us all out on kayaks and they came equipped with three inflatable kayaks that we enjoyed in several anchorages. Brendan gave us lots of opportunity to take the helm and sail Rumba, which we enjoy doing. He took us to several pretty snorkeling spots. He anticipated our every need and interest.

Chef Karen was terrific as well. All of the meals were excellent. I was amazed at how we had fresh baked muffins every morning. In our preference sheet we expressed interest in fresh local sea food and Karen served us delicious local lobster tails, buttery sea bass and other terrific meals. All of our food and beverage preferences were met. The boat was fully stocked with the beverages we asked for. Brendan's drink-of-the-day was highly anticipated and enjoyed at cocktail hour each afternoon.

Brendan and Karen were delightful and fun to spend the week with. We highly recommend them and Rumba. Should we return to the Virgin Islands next season which is a distinct possibility, we will want to be with them and on Rumba again. Thanks for another great boat and crew selection for us.
March 2022
Karen and Brendan,

Where do I begin? We have been so looking forward to this trip. We knew I would be awesome. We already knew we loved the USVI's but never did I imagine how amazing this trip would be with the two of you. I cannot imagine doing another charter without the two of you. Not only did you give us top notch service, but watching the two of you as a team was beautiful. You are a perfect match and work beautifully together. Can I say the 'two of you' one more time lol :).

Thank you for making this trip one that we will be talking about for years to come. The trip of a lifetime. We are already looking forward to rebooking with you in 2 years. Whatever boat you are on, we will be there.

And I hope you’ll agree that we are leaving with you as not just captain and chef, + Chris and Mandy, but as friends. Next we see you in Michigan. There...I've asked like 5 times, not you much come visit. Forever grateful – Chris and Mandy.
March 2022
Karen and Brendan,

What an amazing adventure we had sailing with you! This was our first sailing trip in the VI and will not be our last. Karen – your creativity and excellence made every meal an adventure. We feel like we were eating at a 5-star restaurant every day and night! Your easy going nature and partnership with Brendan kept us sailing along! Brendan – we all so appreciated your knowledge of the islands, you sailing experience and your dedication to customer service. Your cocktail of the day was always an enjoyable event to look forward to each evening! We appreciate how personal you also take safety and keeping all passengers happy and content. Not an easy task with two diverse groups of boaters.

The trip brought us all closer together as friends and would not have happened without your desire to make this an exceptional vacation! We are very grateful! All my best and hope to see you again!
March 2022
Karen and Brendan,

This was a trip of a lifetime with the best boat and crew in the USVI. We had a week full of fun, sun, swimming, snorkeling, laughs and fantastic food and service. We made many great memories from our week on Rumba! Thank you Karen and Brendan for such a great trip!
March 2022
Karen and Brendan,

Fantastic trip! You all treated us like family. I will forever be grateful.
March 2022
We couldn't have had a better week Brendan and Karen are enthusiastic and gracious hosts. They worked incredibly hard to ensure our great time with great success. They quickly read their guests and create the perfect environment. Their recommendations were perfect. They create a fabulous atmosphere with their loving interactions with each other. Karen went above and beyond in creating meals, baking desserts, making snacks, insuring everyone was always well fed and accommodated. Brendans drink of the day was always delish and a daily highlight. His captain skills made us feel safe and secure with a light touch and a great sense of humor. Everyday he gave us great advice and choices for the itinerary.

Our group has chartered together before and we would happy to be on their boat again. 5 stars!

They anticipated every desire and need!
March 2022
You two made this trip so amazing. So you have not seen the last of us! We will follow you guys whatever but you’re on! So many special memories were made this week! Much love and thanks!
February 2022
Captain Brendan and Karen, I believe the two of you have found something special here, it shows And all the hard work and effort you put in dealing with you both were together as a team is beautiful thing to see. The outcome of all that work is an amazing experience for your guests. Truly one of a kind on top of all that you are great people. You love what you do and it shows, you know your craft well. Amazing trip, amazing food, amazing hostility. U2 are the best. Thank you for so much for an unforgettable trip. You checked all the boxes.
February 2022
Thank you both so much for making every day delicious and special. You were in the right place and shows in the way you do all that you do! Relax and smile always you are you were perfect host to share this special time together. Thank you for showing all of it with us. We will never forget this trip!
February 2022
Karen and Brendan thank you for giving us a beautiful and wonderful experience and Rumba. So many special memories have been geared for Paul and myself. You both are truly an amazing team. We feel blessed to have had this time with you very special people. We are deeply grateful for all of what you do and sharing so much of yourselves with us. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful this trip has been and we look forward to continuing this joyous friendship as we walk life‘s path, you both are keepers! Love!
February 2022
You filled our belly and her hearts. The food was gourmet every night and the adventures in ports were age better than the last. He spoiled us with laughter, knowledge, sun and fun! We will never forget this trip thank you is not enough. We are in all of all you do each day. Hopefully we can host you one day in the Berkshires.
December 2021
Karen and Brendan, thank you for an incredible family vacation! The food was fantastic as you fed an entire football team! We made memories for a lifetime which was our goal. We hope to see you again!
December 2021
Thank you Karen and Brendan for a wonderful week that went way too fast. The entire boat trip was perfect. The fabulous drink of the day to the abundance of delicious food - and that you managed to feed 4 teenage boys their endless food - quite the feat! Brendan and Karen, there was never a point on this trip that you didn’t go above and beyond - the trip was perfect and you guys were amazing! Thank you!
November 2021
Thank you Karen and Brendan for being the funniest and most fun people Ive ever met! I truly mean it! I had a really awesome adventure along the way. I wish the week went by slower. Thanks for all the time times like the “barracuda” and turtles. Hopefully next time we visit you two will be our cook and bartender. Thank you so much!Thank you Karen and Brendan for being the funniest and most fun people Ive ever met! I truly mean it! I had a really awesome adventure along the way. I wish the week went by slower. Thanks for all the time times like the “barracuda” and turtles. Hopefully next time we visit you two will be our cook and bartender. Thank you so much!
November 2021
Wow! it could not have been more perfect! Thank you for making our wedding special! The extra touches were great! We truly enjoyed every moment. Thanks for taking care of us, cant wait to see you next year!
November 2021
Thank you so much Branden and Karen for making this best family vacation. After two years of COVID it was great to have a wonderful family time. We feel so special after one week aboard, perhaps you could come home with me and have my office ready at 6 every morning. Thank you for being the best hosts ever. We will always treasure our time with you!
October 2021
BEST VACATION EVER!! This was our first trip as a new family and it could not have been more special. Cant wait to see Rumba, Karen & Brendan (and Timmy the Turtle) again next year! Thanks for making it an amazing week! It definitely did not suck!
October 2021
Best vacation ever! Thank you so much we had the best chef and bartender in the world! I will always remember the zucchini bread and coconut mojito in the world! Let’s do this again next year with more DP shooters!
October 2021
Thank you to the best chef and bartender in the Caribbean. We had a fabulous vacation and trip and that was all thanks to Karen and Brendan. We cant wait to do this again next year!
October 2021
We can never thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime and its because of you that it was over the top! You guys are the best people and we cant wait to see you again! Hopefully on another charter :)

Lots of love!
October 2021
To the best crew EVER (Karen & Brendan) !!

Thank you so much for the delicious food and drinks…we were happy and safe for an amazing vaca!

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