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CaptainVangelis Patrikis Greek 0
Cook/Hostess Lia Kokotsiou Greek 1974
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Greek,English

Crew Profiles:
Captain - Vangelis Patrikis
Captain Vangelis Patrikis has been captain of our previous catamaran since 2009. He has extensive experience and passion for the sea and is excited to welcome you aboard our new catamaran Elvira 52 for the new season. He holds an A’ Class Master Captain’s License and has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Oinousses, located in Chios, Greece. Captain Vangelis also holds a diploma of offshore sailing, of advanced medical and a life safety certificate. He was introduced to the yachting industry in 1996 when he started being the captain on various motor yachts and sailing vessels and, thus, he has been entertaining visitors for the past 20 years! Captain Vangelis’ passion is to ensure that each and every guest’s need is catered to and all aboard the luxurious catamarans feel safe and secure while cruising through the beautiful Greek Archipelago. He has tremendous knowledge about each Greek island and loves to pass his knowledge to his guests! He speaks English, basic Portuguese and Greek.

Cook/Hostess - Lia Kokotsiou
Leah was born in Corfu in 1974. Her family is from Corfu, and she has spent her summers here since her childhood. As a result, she developed a love for the ocean, and over the years, she has practiced various water sports, including sailing. Her interest in food and taste and her curiosity led her to work in restaurants in Athens and the Greek Islands. In recent years, Leah has been working on yachts and yachts, exploring beautiful places and meeting new people while creating and sharing unique hosting experiences.

Deckhand - Chris Patrikis
Chris is born in 1997 and is the perfect match for the Elvira 52 – our new catamaran, Crew. Having sailed along his father Vaggelis from a young age, he is well aware of the needs of a boat and her guests during a sailing trip. Aboard Elvira 52, he is also in charge of our water toys, ensuring you have a lot of fun with maximum security.
He has studied Agricultural Economics and Rural Development in the Agricultural University of Athens and has a Speedboat operator license and an offshore sailing diploma as well.
With excellent knowledge of the Greek islands, Chris takes pride in his work and is always more than happy to offer excellent service and meet the guests’ needs, provide solutions to every problem and welcome you with a big smile. Last but not least, Chris is fluent in English & greek and also speaks basic German.

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