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June 2023 BVI Charter
Dear Joseph, Britta, and Zoe,
Third times a charm! I can't thank you enough for giving us this carefree time away from reality. Everything throughout the week was beyond perfection. There are really no words to describe how incredible each and every meal was...truly magnificent. You found away to make each of our trips unique and special...scuba, snorkel, sail, hiking, sunshine, fishing were all amazing and best of all was your company and 5 star service. Beyond Grateful
Thank you so much
The Crites
June 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you for magical memories! Truly and unforgettable week!
-Catherine and Jay

What an amazing week and such a blessing to see the beauty of the reefs through the eyes of an 8 and 10yr old. Loved the excitement of all the first with them-snorkeling, underwater photos, checking the reef books out to identify everything. Thanks Britta and Joseph for making the week so wonderful and memorable, everything was first class and delicious!! Can't wait to come back.
Glenn and Janet
May 2023 BVI Charter
Britta, Joseph, and Zoe,
Wow!!! a phrase we said all week when it came to describing EVERYTHING during our week with you on Grace. You make Grace a floating 5 star resort, restaurant and experience!

Impeccable service-catering to things we didn't even know we wanted! Hand crafted adult beverages, meals worthy of the finest restaurants, and you genuine desire to make this a great experience for us. We will not charter a boat without the 3 of you!

Thank you cannot wait to return!

Mike and Marybeth
May 2023 BVI Charter
What and amazing week! Great friends, great food, great snorkeling and diving, great sails-everything imaginable was better than we ever though possible.
Britta and Jospeh are the best- would never come again without being on Grace with them. What an awesome couple who take such amazing care of us and treat us like royalty! We love them! Such great memories. Thank you, thank you for a great trip and for putting up with us!
Love little Zoe too!
Glenn and Janet
April 2023 BVI Charter
Our third trip and keeps getting better and better! So much fun in the water everyday, fabulous food, amazing cocktails and great company. Thank you for opening you floating home to us. Your hospitality continues to amaze us. We can't wait to see you soon!
Dennis and Maureen
April 2023 BVI Charter
It's easy to rave about the incredible food, the awesome drinks, and all the endless adventures that you both provide every day, every hour! But what keeps our family coming back is the joyous laughter, the gentle gibing, and the shared stories which accompany every trip. We don't feel like we have hired a crew, but rather we feel like we are visiting family or dear friends who welcome us into their home and share their lives with us for a passing week. We know the week is filled with hard work, but it never feels that way to us. You shower us with love, care and the joys of island life with joy and enthusiasm.
We cannot wait to host you in CA or Cabo when you come through.
Much Love
Julia, Katya, Chloe and Sarah
March 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you so much Joseph and Britta and Zoe for a wonderful wonderful trip! I'm not sure the contents of this book are enough to confirm to you both run a fun, caring, delicious ship, and we were very blessed to get to spend a whole week on board! Thank you for keeping our bellies and hands full of delicious food and drinks, for answering all our questions about the islands, the animals and anything in between, and for your delightful company that always has a laugh or a smile or a story to tell. Can't wait to be back soon!

March 2023 BVI Charter
Dear Joseph, Britta, and Zoe

What a spectacular week we shared with you! From the moment we stepped onto Grace we felt welcomed and taken care of. Thank you helping to complete Katie's PADI dive certification. The dives this week were amazing! Painted walls was a very special dive -thanks for trusting us to do it with you.

We really enjoyed sailing with you and adjusting to the unusual weather pattern. It gave us a chance to explore some really great anchorages. We appreciate you arranging two whale sightings-your really went above and beyond on that.

The food was next level- thank you for spoiling us with your talent.

Hope to see you again. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to charter with you again in the future.

Steve, Diane, Stanley, and Katie
February 2023 BVI Charter
Another fabulous week aboard Grace! We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality...and again there are not enough words to describe the experience. You are such a lovely couple-thank you for sharing your world with us! Our favorite day this trip may be Anegada...spending a day with you snorkeling your favorite spots us, chilling on the beach playing cornhole and just relaxing! It was sospecial to just hang with you doing some of your favorite things. Thanks!

Britta, Joseph, and Zoe- you are a super special family. It is a joy to spend time with you and we will be back!

-Drew and Ellen
February 2023 BVI Charter
Dear Joseph and Britta,
A short paragraph will never give out trip the justice it deserves.
From the time we boarded til our final moments we have been overwhelmed by your professionalism, hospitality, attention to detail, and the most memorable meals.

Love Kim and Pat
January 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you for an amazing week! All of us were impressed with the off the charts level of service and experience you both provide on Grace. We are so grateful to have found you!

From the minute we stepped on the boat and over served ourselves with Britta's rum punch until the last supper, you both treated us to some of the finest dining and cocktails we will ever experience. I think we will talk about that celery root soup forever!

Our excursions off the boat were just as excellent. Thank you both for touring us around Anegada. The reefs and the beaches were beautiful and if we had only gotten brad to wear shoes it would have been perfect!

The hallmark of providing the ultimate vacation experience is that all of us were already talking about when we can book you again... maybe the Grenadines!
Deb and Kristian
Leslie and Brad
Janis and Jeff
March 2022 USVI Charter
Britta, Joseph,
From sunup to sundown, you have been there for us. You have held our hand underwater, you have fed us meals worthy of Julius Caesar, you have turned down our beds, fluffed up our pillows, freshened our linens for a good night sleep. You have worried about our towels being dry and rolled up to perfection, lit up our evening with lovely light and flickering candles of different colors and checked up on us on the high seas as family would. Joseph for us you have grated, sliced, chopped, steamed, blanched, roasted and sprinkled, served us succulent unforgettable meals along with incredible wines in dazzling glassware, meals infused with finely chopped herbs, but mostly with passion!! Aboard Grace we traveled in space from island to island, culinarily from France to Italy, to Mexico and in time from our stressful world to the original world, one in sync with nature with its soothing rhythms and iridescent colors. We have floated admist the coral to a place where days of the week don't matter. We are now disembarking a different family, our bellies filled with creme fraiche, our minds teeming with family bonding times and unforgettable souvenirs and our souls purer and freer. We leave behind our pinky fingerprints, UNO shouts, tubing screams and a colony of crumbs, a testament to Joseph, the most wonderful chef and Britta, the best hostess in the world. We hope you will remember us as we will remember you.
A magical week, suspended in time.
One of a kind...
With much appreciation,
Earl, Caroline, Jack, and Bianca
March 2022 USVI Charter
Dear Joseph and Britta,
Thank you for giving us the most amazing Caribbean experience. From the moment we stepped aboard Grace, we have been blown away by the two of you! The effortless way you welcomed us, took our shoes, gave us rum punch and set us free from all the trappings of our busy lives set the tone for one of the most amazing weeks of our lives!
We loved the incredible food snorkeling, diving, and paddle boarding, friendship, laughs and stories we all shared.

Thank you for taking us out of our comfort zones... Kori spent so much time on the water, Bill never threw up, Michelle scuba dived for the first time, Sue rode out the "sporty" ride over from St. croix, Sean appreciated the great dive after 2 years of lockdown, and Shelton snorkeled with and without the scooter and found a barracuda and eagle Ray!

May the Grace always "Hoist the sails of choice to Harness the winds of Joy!"
Shelton and Michelle
Bill and Kori
Sue and Sean
March 2022 USVI Charter
Dear Britta and Jospeh,
Thank you both so very much for a wonderful week aboard Grace. The experience you provided us with in every respect, sailing, culinary, service, friendliness, quality far exceeded our expectations. You guys have a quality life, and you were kind enough to share that way of living with us for one week. I hope our family, in particular our two children, can somehow absorb some of that quality approach to life as they enter adulthood and choose their own paths forward. Thanks for everything and we hope to see you again soon on Grace.
Sincerely yours,

PS we might forget to mention Zoe, her sweetness and playfulness throughout the trip!

Thank you both for the best possible Spring Break ever. The amazing desserts, frozen drinks, and tubing made up for the seasickness. I never really liked boats before Grace! Thank you so much for a super fun week!
February 2022 USVI Charter
Our vacation aboard Grace exceeded all expectations! The food, service, oat and activities were perfection. Joseph and Britta were professional and friendly. The food was without a doubt the best we have ever experienced, consistently every meal.

Joseph, Britta and Zoie were a pleasure! They work so hard and we are so blessed that we experienced our first charter with them. We honestly wouldn't have changed a thing.

February 2022 USVI Charter
Joseph, Britta, and Zoe
Wow! What an amazing adventure. Thank you both for tending to every single detail with a smile and true "Grace." The food, drinks, and TLC were above and beyond.
Britta, a special thank you for jumping in the water to help and coming to my aid with the dinghy. Much appreciated!
Please be our guest anytime you find yourselves in Montana.
Brad and Lisa
Billings, MT
January 2022 USVI Charter
To say Brita and Joseph were perfect was an understatement. They are beyond perfect!! They're two professionals that are masters at their trade. In reality they are working non stop to ensure that their clients are taken care of and happy. However, they make it look so easy and at times you have to stop and wonder if they are magicians. They have so much to do during a charter and their passion shines through constantly!!! I may also mention Zoey, who we all adored and loved!! She made it easier for all of us dog lovers who missed our dogs so much!! We may have worn her out with all of our fetch games with her favorite squirrel. I can't imagine ever having a crew that would beat Brita and Joseph and for that reason, we will continue to book with them exclusively in the future.
February 2022 USVI Charter
Britta, Joseph, and Sweet Zoey
Thank you so much for the most memorable week in beautiful paradise! You both work so hard to make the experience phenomenal-and you make it looks so easy! The food and wine was world class and the (honestly) best I have had the pleasure to put in my belly :) So relaxing and we cannot wait to come back.
May calm winds always be at your back!
John and Kathy Jackman
Everett, WA
Nov. 20th 2021 USVI Charter
Joseph and Britta,
Thank you for such a marvelous trip! From start to finish we had a wonderful time and look forward to next time. We appreciate the hospitality, food, sailing, and morning kisses and cuddles from Ms. Zoe!
Much Gratitude
Until next time...
-Blake and Hunter

Dear Britta and Joseph,
Thank you! The trip was more than I could have dreamed. Your boat is beautiful just like you two. This adventure filled with laughter, exquisite cuisine, exemplary attention to detail is just what the doctor ordered.
The sun and sea is so healing and having precious Zoe aboard made me smile.
Please look me up if you are ever in South Texas!
July 31st 2021 USVI Charter
Our trip was fantastic!! waking up to gorgeous views was the best!
Can't say enough good things about our voyage on Grace. Your hospitality is second to none and your patience with dealing g with us was equally appreciated. We will always remember these days and what joy they brought to us. Memories that will always make me smile.
Many thanks for cooking, drinks, dive, guiding, adventures and making each day special.

Dear Mr. Joseph and Ms. Britta,
Thank you for a fantastic last vacation before college. I will always remember napping, catching lobsters and pokémon's, wake boarding, and singing "Bocephus" as we caught tarpon. I'm sorry for not staying close on that on one dive and I'm grateful for all of the tips that have made me a better diver already. I will miss y'all and Zoe and I hope our paths cross again sometime...

We are humbly grateful for each beautiful experience over the past 10 days . Your family served our family in countless ways to go over and beyond each of our whims. As you know, this was or last family vacation before Kai behinds college, and sailing in the USVIS was the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. Diving together as a family, decadent meals that required reclining afterward, snorkeling with all the fun saline especially turtles and octopus, beverages from Britt, rip-roaring sails by Joseph, memorable hikes, golden hour sunsets, people watching at Buck Island St. Croix, Kai and Silas wake boarding, night time tarpon fishing escapades, mahi fishing, meteor showers, flamboyant trees blooming, love and kisses from Zoe, and the monster lobster feast are just a few of our special memories. thank you for extending Grace!
June 4th 2021 USVI Charter
Dear Britta, Jospeh, and Zoe,
Thank you for loving us all through your service, skills, "not of this world" meals and beverages, expertise passion, and entertainment and GRACE! The way you listen and cater to our unique interests is a true gift. Our highlights include TWO dolphin shows, a booby bird escort, diving for sand dollars, swimming with the turtles, 3 maiden scuba dives, tubing and first time wake boarding.
Blessed by Grace

Thank you for another wonderful week of sailing, Zoe, sun, seahorses, turtles, cuttlefish, "Morning delights, " lime in the cocount.!

Time on the water with family is such an amazing gift. Thank you for an awesome week. On behalf of the stellar kitchen crew, fair winds and following seas.

I just want to thank you both for a most memorable week. The meals were delish! One of the best parts were you and Joey! Hope to see you again.
-Lori and Mike

Dear Britta, Jospeh, and Zoe,
What a magical week! This trips was even better than last time. Hopefully not as good as next time!! The food! The drinks! The laughter! The Ham Horn!! The Sargasm catch of the sail! The memories! Big Big Big Covid free hugs!
April 2021 USVI Charter
Joseph, Britta, and Zoey,

"Thank you" seems so inadequate to express what you so joyously give your guests aboard your beautiful home. The Grace is truly an amazing resort on the water. The Grace herself is just so beautiful, but the true cherish of you're home lives in you three. Your generous hospitality made us instantly feel at home and then the real magic revealed itself.

Joesph culinary experience is beyond description and was a delightful experience three times a day. Thank you Joseph for your amazingly, delicious creations. We have never in our lives eaten so well.

Britta, you are the warmest, most attentive hostess I've ever been pampered by. Your delicious beverages always arrived in our hands before we even asked and they were always perfect. Thank you especially for my morning coffee :)

And Zoey, you are one unforgettable little mate. Thank you for sharing your toys, smiles and kisses.

Without exception, this was our most relaxing, enjoyable and memorable vacation. We can wait to come silk with you again.

Allan and Marty
May 2021 USVI Charter
Joseph, Britta and Admiral Zoey,
Thank you for a fantastic week in paradise. It's a rare treat to have all of my "babies" together and being Mother's Day was an extra treat. Y'all are family now, too. Come see us in Texas and we already plan to visit you again! May your day be full of fair winds following seas and plenty of rainbows to follow any storm.
Dan and Sharon

Thank you for an amazing week sailing around St Croix! We love seeing the beauty of your home island - above and below! You will never know how much this week together meant for my family, truly better than any medicine. If you ever find yourself looking for food and live music in Texas Hill Country we'd love to see you! Wishing you both (and Zoey) a fabulous year and many happy scuba bubbles.

Thank you so much fo an amazing experience. From rough sails to scuba education classes, this week was truly an amazing experience. Good luck in your future endeavors. Happy trails, happy sails.
April 2021 USVI Charter
Joseph, Britta and Zoey,
Expectations completely exceeded and overwhelmed with the delicious food and 5* service. The attention to detail and care you showed us all was amazing. We were lucky enough to have friends that introduced us to your boat. I hope we are lucky enough to come and enjoy your passion in the near future. Thank you much for the memories and vacation we will never forget.
Josh and Dave
April 2021 USVI Charter
Britta, Joseph and Zoey,

Thank you both for a fabulous week - The service was unbelievable & the food was beyond expectation! It was a prefect combo of relaxations and vacation fun. This boat is beautiful and the day trips were perfect. We really had a great time. Thank you so mcc for making this s great memory for the whole group. I really hope you get a week in Greece very soon. You both deserve a little relaxing time :) Thanks again and hopefully we'll see sail again.
Kobi and Bubba
February 2020 BVI Charter
Dearest Britta, Joesph and Zoey!

Our fantastic adventure started with smiles and desires and the warmest welcome anyone could wish for!

From the comfortable accommodations to the amazing hospitality and the incredible 5* food and beverage our experience could not have been exceeded.

Enjoyed all the water adventures and experiences the low key relaxation and did I say relaxation?! The service and smiles, the information and directions so specific, the care, the aid and the ...did I say service? has been amazing. The toys and dives and snorkeling, Yamaha - underwater propulsion, kayaks and paddle boards oh my! Something was ready for us at every stop.

You two are a a wonderful couple with lovely Zoey. (who we also loved)

Thanks Britta and Jospeh for the amazing experience sharing your home for this week. We are eager for our next return!
March 2020 BVI Charter
Britta, Joesph and Zoey,

What can I say, but WOW! AMAZING! OVER THE TOP! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for such a wonderful trip. You have wowed us with you expertise for food and fun. God provided you with the beautiful backyard and given y'all the gift of service and hospitality. God is smiling on you both because you excel at your gifts. Joseph, you have the talent to cook at any place in your heart desires, but woking side by side with your love has to be the best choice of all. And for both of you - your office view - no words can describe it. Again, thank you both for each and every day you spoiled us. I cannot wait to come back for another repeat. Enjoy all of your sunrises and sunsets, together.

Big Hugs,

And Britta - Keep that sweet attitude. You can't have rainbows without a little rain.
February 2020 BVI Charter
Dear Britta and Joseph,

Oh WOW! What a glorious 7 days in the BVI.
Everyday was wonderful from sun ups to after sun downs.
The Anegada visit was a slice of heaven.
The two of you were extraordinary hosts in everyday shape and form.
The dinning experience on the Grace was almost beyond comprehension. So much that we took photos of every serving. The energy, efforts and shill that was put into every presentation was clearly evident.
We would give the experience a ten plus rating and the cuisine - five starts - plus one!
Thank you both for everything. It was truly most memorable.

All The Best!

P.S. Thank you, Zoey!
January 2020 BVI Charter
I don't know where to start - you've watched me journal our week day by day and I've exhausted my adjectives and superlatives - of course the BVI is a wonderful location, but as we saw the wind can be a fickle beast. Joseph steered us to only the best moorings and anchorages! Weather, what weather? All the while Britta is anticipating needs we did not know we had. And you both do it tirelessly and bright smiles. We really don't know how you do it. Now, the food - well, let's just say that we have eaten in some of the best restaurants all across the USA and you two consistently match or better them, from a Lagoon galley - just the two of you! No team of sous chefs. No brigade of prep cooks. Just you, Britta and Joseph and that ting galley. WOW! Again, I'm out of superlatives. I love beets for god sake - beets! They were amazing.

This is the whole package, the real deal. We wish you both all the best - favorable winds following seas and all the success you've worked so hard to earn.

Ken and Terri
January 2020 BVI Charter
Thank you fo the wonderful sail and terrific week aboard Grace. Weather, winds and itinerary were all favorable for a memorable trip to the BVI.

Grace is perfect for your sailing adventure wherever your trip awaits you! Salon, berths, bridge and comfortable lounge locations made you feel at home once setting foot on her!

Your culinary skills match your sailing expertise, we couldn't wait for the next meal, anticipating how Joseph could top the last one. He never disappointed! Boat drinks excelled too!

Thanks again for a great trip, the best I can say is we'll be back!

George and Pam
This trip greatly exceeded our expirations!
This trip greatly exceeded our expirations! Thank you Jospeh and Britta for the most amazing experience! Not only was it the best food and wine we have had in our lifetime, but it was truly the most wonderful crew, family and fires that make it so memorable. And we cannot forget Zoe, who is one of the sweetest and cutest golf - great at making you feel love and at home!

We wish you all the best in your new venture and cannot thank you enough for inviting us for the maiden voyage!

We love you!
Scott and Nancy
We never imagined that the boat and team would exceed every possible standard.
Just back from the most amazing week of sailing the Virgin Islands with Joseph, Britta, and Zoie on the Grace. We expected things aboard to be great from the planning stages, but we never imagined that the boat and team would exceed every possible standard.
I have to say - as a critic, with over a half-million readers on Trip Advisor - I make a point of being sure not to miss the negative. I've got practically nothing. The wind was a bit rough. The generator is a little noisy (still less than most hotel A/C units). That's it.
Let's cut to the chase, the vessel is spectacular: clean, trim, comfortable for six and state-of-the-art. Despite unfavorable winds, we were taken to every place we desired and always found safe beautiful anchorages. Our cabins were well maintained and thoroughly modern. You'll not find a nicer boat or more attentive service.
Now, the food (the only thing that exceeded the boat) was the biggest surprise of all. Every meal we were served would stand up in any five-star restaurant on the planet. Each ingredient was fresh, properly cooked and seasoned: treated with the respect that goes with actually caring about what one puts on a plate.
Which leaves only the value question. This is not an inexpensive holiday, but it is unprecedented service. Oh, yes, it's worth it. If you want to eat and sail in style, I doubt it could get better - at any price.
Many thanks to Joseph, Britta, and Zoie for an outstanding vacation. Cheers, to hoping they'll have us back someday.
As they say Grace Awaits .....and we certainly are looking forward to next years trip!
What an amazing week aboard Grace in the Beautiful Virgin Islands!!! She is a brand new 52 ft. Lagoon Catamaran and has all the bells and whistles.....Including an amazing Chef /Captain Joseph and his First Mate / Mermaid / Scuba Dive Master/ Wife , Britta. And, of course, the Chief Morale Officer Zoie, who always greets you with a sweet smile and wag of her tail.
If you’re a foodie, this is the right choice! Joseph’s cuisine is Delicious and Plated to Perfection with that special flair that only a true Chef can pull off. And Britta is an amazing Scuba Instructor and Dive Master. We had one experienced diver but three people that had never been diving so she gave them the introductory class and they went on their first dive the next day at Diamond Head. They all had an awesome experience and she made them completely comfortable with all the safety guidelines and equipment instructions.
We also thoroughly enjoyed paddle boarding, kayaking, playing on the sea scooters and snorkeling! And the Big Lily Pad - “Grace Island” was a wonderful retreat for that mid afternoon cocktail!
We can’t say enough about Grace and the Crew! It was a Simply Amazing Trip! Fun and Relaxing! As they say Grace Awaits .....and we certainly are looking forward to next years trip!
They are truly MASTERful.
Our "Grace" Adventure
Surrounded by out chosen family and absolutely wonderful friends we were blessed to be on the Maiden Voyage of "GRACE".

Captain and Chef Joseph Stiles accompanied by his wife, hospitality guru and dive master Britta made this trip fo much more than a vacation.

The culinary experiences on Grace might only be rivaled at the finest restaurants in France and Italy. The caring, attentive service something you hope to find at a 5 star hotel. They are truly MASTERful.

After some thought provoking conversations with our dear friend Jean it occurred to me that being on a ship is a remarkable parallel to LIFE!

From Astern, one can only look back to where you have been (the past)
From the Bow, one can only look forward/ahead of things to come (the future)
From the Port and Starboard one see's the fleeting current that is the current circumstances from which you choose to learn from the past to positively influence your future.

Joseph, Britta and Zoe,
Thank you so much for this adventure and lesson.
Raymond and Jill

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