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Teas-Coffees- Milk-Smoothies
Croissant:butter, chocolate
Cake: vanilla, chocolate, carrot, banana
Pancakes and Crepes: with merenda, honey, tahini, peanut butter, or savory
Handmade:  spinach pie, cheese pie and bread
Cheese and cold cuts
Variety of fresh fruits  and juices
Eggs: omelet, fried, scrambled, boiled, shakshuka


Cake salad with cabbage,iceberg, tomato and vinaigrette
Traditional greek salad
Burrata salad with cherry tomatoes, pine, basil and green oil
Caesar salad with crispy chicken
Mix lentils and quinoa with avocado and vegetables
Watermelon salad with feta cheese, coriander, lime and jalapenos
Potato salad with extra virgin oil , vegetables and herbs


Spit peas with octopus
Tarama salad with toasted bread
Steamy mussel with mustard, fennel and ouzo
Squid fried
Ceviche  seabass with oil, lemon, crispy chips, and green oil
Tartare sea bream with mayonnaise, onion, caper, dill and radishes
Crayfish ceviche with oil, lemon, tomato, coriander and chili pepper
Spicy shrimp  tempura with spicy mayonnaise and mixed salad
Tempura vegetables with yoghurt herbs
Grilled vegetables with parsley and vinegar
Beef tartare with truffle, parmesan, and handmade mayonnaise
Beef carpaccio with truffle oil, horseradish, lemon and arugula
Stuffed mushrooms with goat cheese

Main Courses

PASTA : bolonaise, carbonara,macaroni gratin,cacio e peppe, pomodoro, gnocchi pesto
RISOTTO: mushrooms risotto, chicken risotto, prawn risotto, seafood risotto
MEAT: Meat cuts( ribeye,t-bone, porter) with grilled vegetables, salsa and bearnaise sauce, and fried potatoes
            Roasted lamb with baby potatoes marinated mustard, honey and thyme
            Osompouko with vegetables and mashed potatoes
            Ragout beef with pappardelle

FISH: Steak tuna with eggplant salad
         Salmon filet with lemon croquette potato and truffle  cream
         Fricassee grouper with beurre blanc sauce
         Lobster with pasta
         Bianco  with lemon sauce
         Bourdeto with spicy tomato sauce
         Seabass filet with stingray, dashi, lemon and virgin oil



Chocolate moelleux with vanilla ice cream
Mousse traditional halva with ice cream kaimaki and walnuts
Cream lemon with fegentine, biscuits, and forest fruits
Panna cotta vanillia,orange
Orange pie


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