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CaptainStelios Roussos Greek 1979
ChefPanagiotis Tsekeris Greek 1999
Number of Crew: 3Languages:

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Stelios Roussos

With a maritime career spanning over two decades, Captain Stelios Roussos has been immersed in the maritime world since his early days conducting daily cruises on a dayboat. His journey progressed to serving as a Captain of a crane boat and mooring vessel within the Elefsina service boats consortium, where he also managed maintenance operations for the consortium.

In addition to his extensive practical experience, Captain Stelios holds ownership of his shipyard on Amorgos Island in Greece. His educational background encompasses studies in Accounting, complemented by seminars in sales, psychology, and human resources management. Holding a Sailing diploma, GO/GMDSS operator, RO/GMDSS, and RYA-MCA certifications, Captain Stelios Roussos combines practical skills with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge. Proficient in IT, he is fluent in Greek, English, and Italian.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Captain Stelios indulges in various hobbies, including traveling, sailing, water skiing, trekking, cycling, and gym activities. Captain Stelios brings a wealth of expertise and a diverse skill set to ensure a safe and enjoyable maritime experience for all aboard.

Previous Yacht: Grayone

Chef: Panagiotis Tsekeris

Panagiotis, born in 1999, brings a fresh culinary perspective to the team aboard Serenissima. Having graduated from LeMonde in 2020, he embarked on a journey through some of Greece's finest restaurants in Athens, Skiathos, and Mykonos starting from 2018. Fluent in Greek and English, Panagiotis not only crafts delectable dishes but also fosters a welcoming atmosphere with his exceptional customer service. His strengths lie in his team spirit, his ability to thrive under pressure, and adept problem-solving skills, ensuring seamless operations in the galley and beyond. With his dedication to culinary excellence and a passion for creating memorable dining experiences, Panagiotis is determined to elevate the gastronomic journey aboard Serenissima to new heights.

Deck/Stew: Maria Aslanidi

Maria, born in 1996, brings a dynamic blend of deckhand and stewardess expertise to the Serenissima crew. Working since 2022 in the yachting industry, she has honed her skills quickly on both motor yachts and catamarans, adeptly navigating the demands of both roles and learning very fast. Fluent in English and Russian, Maria seamlessly communicates with guests and crew alike, ensuring exceptional onboard experiences. Her versatility extends from deck maintenance to cabin and guest service, embodying a commitment to excellence in every aspect of her duties. Dedicated, hard-working and personable, Maria's passion for the yachting industry shines through in her meticulous attention to detail , unwavering professionalism and hospitality, making her an invaluable asset to the Serenissima team.

Stelios Roussos

Panagiotis Tsekeris

Maria Aslanidi
Deckhand / Stew

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