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CaptainStoyanov Lyubomir Bulgarian 1975
ChefHristo Nishev Bulgarian 1989
Number of Crew: 5Languages: Greek, Bulgarian, English, Russian, German, basic French, basic Spanish, Italian

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Lyubomir Stoyanov
Born in Bulgaria in 1975, Captain Lyubomir has been an integral part of the yachting industry since 2009. His journey commenced as a personal assistant and translator for the owner of a 90-meter private yacht, navigating the Mediterranean, Thailand, Maldives, and French Polynesia. It was during this time that he discovered his true calling—to become a sailor. With each role, Captain Lyubomir accumulated valuable sailing experience, leading to the attainment of his RYA/MCA Yacht Master Offshore with a full Commercial endorsement. People-oriented, reliable, sociable, and focused on technical details without unnecessary fuss, he brings a wealth of professionalism to his wide-ranging positions on board. His exceptional organizational skills render his yacht highly effective for chartering. Fluent in Bulgarian, English, Russian, and German, Captain Lyubomir is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for his guests on board.

Chef: Hristo Nishev
Hristo, originally from Bulgaria, transitioned from engineering to pursue his passion for culinary arts, graduating with honors in 2008 before immersing himself in the world of cooking. With a diverse culinary background gained from working in restaurants across Plovdiv, attending specialized courses at Protur 95 and the French Masters, he has developed a keen expertise in crafting spectacular dishes. Hristo's repertoire extends to various cultural cuisines, and he particularly enjoys organizing themed dinners that celebrate Greek, Spanish, and Italian flavors. He values the importance of pairing fine drinks with his culinary creations and cherishes the ability of these meals to enhance moments of togetherness among family and friends. Eager to contribute his skills to creating unforgettable charter experiences, Hristo is excited to join the team on Star Link. Beyond his culinary pursuits, he finds solace in cycling. He is fluent in Bulgarian and English.
Ex-yacht: Astoria

Stewardess: Irena Vatsadze
Born in Russia in 1987, Irena ventured to Greece with her family in 1997. Since 2010, she has been an integral part of the tourist industry, showcasing her versatility in roles such as cook, receptionist, travel consultant, and ground flight attendant. Irena's diverse experiences have equipped her with extensive knowledge in customer care, professionalism, organization, and communication skills. Known for her strong work ethic, responsibility, proactiveness, teamwork, and time efficiency, Irena brings a wealth of dedication to her role as a stewardess. Fluent in Greek, English, and Russian, she ensures seamless communication on board. In her leisure time, Irena enjoys engaging in sports and exploring new travel destinations.

Mechanic:Atanasov Petko
Hailing from Bulgaria and born in 1982, Petko Atanasov has been a stalwart in the yachting industry since 2008. As a highly accomplished and proactive marine engineer, Petko boasts over 10 years of experience specializing in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining marine diesel engines and auxiliary machinery. Petko is characterized by his strong sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, kindness, and exceptional problem-solving skills, particularly when faced with technical challenges. His extensive experience in various roles on a yacht has made him an expert in all aspects of maritime responsibilities. Notably, his remarkable organizational skills contribute to his success as a valuable team member on board.
Fluent in both Russian and English, Petko ensures effective communication while excelling in his role as a skilled and dedicated mechanic.

Deckhand: Samuil Kolarov
Born in 1975 in Bulgaria, Samuil has always harbored a deep love for the sea. After completing his 8th year in Russian Language, he pursued studies at the High Professional School of Catering in Varna, Bulgaria, with a major focus on Cook, Bartender, and Waiter roles. His journey began in restaurants in New York City, but he soon set sail with Celebrity Cruises and Oceana Cruises, marking his entry into the maritime world.
In 2007, Samuil transitioned to become a deckhand on motor yachts, embarking on a career that took him from Bulgaria to France, Italy, Monaco, and Greece. After a season back home in Bulgaria, he returns to Star Link, eager to welcome guests to the beautiful Greek islands.
Fluent in Bulgarian, English, and Russian, Samuil ensures effective communication while contributing his maritime expertise to create memorable experiences for guests.

Stoyanov Lyubomir

Irena Vatsadze

Petko Atanasov

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