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CaptainVladimir Popov Bulgarian 1989
ChefNikolay Ninov Bulgarian 1984
Number of Crew: 5Languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Vladimir Popov

Born in 1989 in Dobrich, Bulgaria, Captain Vladimir's maritime journey commenced with his study of Naval Navigation, culminating in 2013. His professional career began as an assistant navigation officer right after that, progressing through roles such as a deck cadet on smaller vessels and advancing from third to second officer on container and cargo ships. Proficient in leading a crew, Captain Vladimir fosters collaboration and actively enhances his captaincy and teamwork skills.
Known for his professionalism, reliability, and strong work ethic, Captain Vladimir is poised to venture into the yachting industry. Armed with enthusiasm, extensive sailing experience, and a commitment to delivering top-notch hospitality, he is well-prepared to cater to the needs of his guests. Captain Vladimir possesses comprehensive safety and first aid training, the ability to analyze weather patterns, and exceptional leadership skills, even in high-pressure situations. His eagerness to join Alteya as captain reflects his passion for the sea.
Fluent in Bulgarian and English, with a basic command of German, Captain Vladimir enjoys spending his leisure time engaging in sports, sailing, and gardening with his family.

Languages: Bulgarian, English, and Russian

Chef: Nikolay Ninov
Nikolay, born in 1984 in Bulgaria, is a culinary virtuoso with a career spanning over a decade. With a debut in 2009, he honed his skills in prestigious restaurants and hotels across Bulgaria. Nikolay's culinary prowess reached international waters as he served as the esteemed chef on board M/Y Topaz for four seasons, showcasing his gastronomic finesse to discerning clientele. In 2022, he expanded his impact as a Senior Chef Instructor at ProCook Academy Event, Sofia, elevating future culinary talents.
Nikolay is trained in menu development, adept in kitchen management, and comprehensive staff training. His culinary creations are not only unique and delectable but also reflect a keen understanding of cost control combined with effective product use. A collaborative leader, Nikolay actively seeks feedback from customers and staff, constantly refining kitchen workflows to ensure excellence in every aspect of the culinary experience.

Chief Stewardess: Maria Marinova

Maria, the Chief Stewardess aboard Alteya, brings a wealth of experience and diverse skill set to her role. Born in Bulgaria, Maria's journey in the hospitality industry began as a waiter and barwoman before she transitioned to the role of Housekeeping Supervisor in 2018, where she honed her organizational and leadership abilities in the hospitality sector. Fluent in English, Bulgarian, Russian, and Spanish, Maria seamlessly navigates multicultural environments, ensuring effective communication and exceptional service delivery to guests from around the world. She is educated, discrete, professional, and highly dedicated. Her dynamic background and linguistic proficiency make her an invaluable asset to the Alteya team, where she orchestrates seamless operations and elevates the onboard experience for all passengers.

Stewardess: TBA

Deckhand: Bozhidar Aleksov

Bozi was born in 1974 on the northern shores of the Black Sea so his relationship with the sea was formed on the day he was born! He has worked professionally in different cruise ships and has gained extensive knowledge as part of the technical support team in different shipyards.
Bozi is a pleasant and fun person who loves to entertain and surprise his guests with his cocktails and snacks at Happy Hour. He also has wine knowledge. He understands different cultures and characters, is very adaptable, and will ensure his guests an unforgettable sailing trip! They will always want to come back to this home! He speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian, and Greek.

Vladimir Popov

Maria Marinova
Chief Stewardess

Bozhidar Aleksov

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