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28 September -04 October, 2023
Thank you everyone for an amazing trip !
We really enjoyed getting to explore the islands with everyone .I wish we didn't have to leave and could continue hanging out with you !
Much love!
September 10-17, 2023
Thank you for a lovely trip! I had such an amazing time on my first charter. Thanks for the hospitality and laughs!
Summer Fun crew Thank you for a wonderful week! Despite some changes to the original itinerary you helped us find an amazing alternate plan. Everyone was so friendly, helpful and treated us like family. We hope this is the first of many great trips together!
31 July-07 August,2023
We had the best time on Summer Fun!Thank you for keeping us safe ,happy and very well fed!The food was absolutely delicious .We were so full after every meal !We are picky pasta eaters but yours was amazing!We enjoyed all the conversations ,laughs and memories made .This was the best week and we made amazing memories.We felt vert welcomed and relaxed .Thank you so much.We will miss Summer Fun!
14-21 July
Despite the weather being crazy hot, we have had the best week on Summer Fun! Leo adopted the seabob, Max ate Bolognese on repeat, Adam & Daisy loved the water sports. All the staff have made us feel so welcome, we will always remember our Peloponnese adventure! All out thanks to the crew for such an amazing holiday! Love
16-23 June,2023
Summer fun crew! You did an amazing job – captain your recommendations were the best and we visited the most amazing and beautiful islands!
May 30 - 4 June, 2023
What an amazing vacation on the SUMMER FUN! From the water sports to the beach spots to the tours. And the service on board was unforgettable! Thank you to all of the staff for this amazing experience.
I loved the entire vacation, especially the seabob and the water park.
This trip was amazing! The food was great, the beaches were beautiful, and the boat was so fun! They also had so many options for water sports. The jetski was awesome, the hot dog was thrilling, and the seabob (seascooter) adrenaline rush. This trip is 10/10!
21-28 MAY, 2023
What an amazing trip! This was our family first trip to Greece, and it could not have been better! The boat was great but the crew made it a fantastic journey! The desserts were amazing, and we loved the jet ski! Loved visiting so many different islands and thank you fo showing us around all of the beautiful islands of Greece!
11-18 September 2022
This has been the most memorable experience on a beautiful yacht with amazing staff. From some of the best cuisine to top notch service, this trip will always hold a special place in our hearts.

12-19 June, 2022
Hello! It's been a beautiful, relaxing & fun week with friends, family & the whole Summer Fun team. Thanks for making our time together so memoriable & sharing your beautiful Greek islands. The week has flown by but will be remembered forever.
07-10 SEPT 2021
Thank you all so much for an amazing, wonderful week! From the beautiful swimming spots to the fantastic food, we couldn’t have asked more!! Best vacation and better crew to take care of us. Best wishes to all of you!! <3
03-10 JULY 2021
Here we are pulling up to Piraeus after 7 amazing days on Summer Fun. Time never went so fast, so enjoy every minute. All treated us to something truly unique – a cruise in the Greek islands. Crew ensured that our every need was taken care of – from the infamous stewardess to mussels ceviche + lamb!! Kleftiko the most memorable stop! We danced, we sang, we swam, we ate + we drank! Most of all we had the best time enjoying each other company.
23-30 JUNE 2021
What can we say about the chef? What words can describe our culinary experience? Never once did we feel lacking! You truly have a special talent that is second to NONE! Thank you! And thank you for your warmth and friendship! We love your food and you!
From all of us, May God Bless you all! May He provide you safe travels and many blessings and many blessings of health, prosperity, happiness and love.
So sorry to leave you behind. We will miss you so much but will see you soon next time! Stay safe & stay charged!
03-08 OCT 2020
Summer Fun Family, we want to thank all of you for the best week ever! Each one of you got into my heart and I hope to get the chance to meet you again in Israel or everywhere else!
Love you so much and you have a home in Israel when you come to visit!
10-16 AUG 2020
Thank you for this great week we had on board!
02 - 06 AUG 2020
We really thank you for these wonderful and unique moments and views on board!
You are perfect team!!

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