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CaptainNiko Gugic Croatian 0
HostessMirjana Balandzic Croatian 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: English and Croatian

Crew Profiles:
NIKO GUGIC - a young Captain who grew up in a family whose connection with the sea goes for generations. His grand - grand father was a seaman, his grand - father and his father (a Captain on a different ship) all spent their lifetime on the sea. A very capable Captain with an excellent personality and interpersonal skills. He is a doer and rest assured your time onboard with be fabulous.

MIRJANA BALANDZIC - Her discreet approach and mellow personality are ideal for guests seeking no fuss and privacy. She speaks English.

ANDRIJA JOKSIMOVIC (CHEF) A very talented chef who will introduce you to the delights of Dalmatian Cuisine. Using the local produce you will have an opportunity to taste some of the best of Adriatic fish, locally cured meats and divine local sweets.

BALDO MURTIC - A well experienced deck hand. He has worked on many local yachts before finding his 'home' with Carpe Diem.

Niko Gugic

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