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Previously named DEVA

CaptainGeorge Georgakopoulos Greek 1984
ChefDimitris Psomas Greek 0
Number of Crew: 6Languages:

Crew Profiles:
George Georgakopoulos
George, was born in 1984 in Greece. He joined the yachting industry in 2009, and quickly earned higher ranks, starting from Deckhand and Bosun to Chief Officer positions on yachts from 29 to 72m, cruising on both sides of the Atlantic. He has successfully completed several STCW training courses, including First Aid, Fire Fighting, Fast Rescue Boats, SSO Ship Security Officer, and he has a certificate for masters of Cargo and Passenger Ships. He has substantial experience cruising in the South of France and Italy in the past 10 years as Chief Officer of the same boat and is very comfortable interacting with guests, having worked on charter yachts throughout his career. George is meticulous and proficient in budget management and voyage planning in addition to navigation. He is a committed team leader of multi-skilled teams with the capacity to function in difficult environments and uphold the highest standards of health, safety, and the environment. In addition to cycling, swimming, and being a PADI certified diver, George enjoys travelling and discovering other cultures.
Languages: English, Greek
Previous Yachts: m/y Domino, m/y RM Elegant, m/y Omega

Dimitris Psomas
Introducing Dimitris Psomas, a highly skilled chef with extensive experience in catering and cooking, and a passion for baking, confectionery, and seafood. Dimitris has worked in various settings, including private villas, motor yachts, boutique hotels, and restaurants, where he has created, presented, and modified food menus to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. He has also been responsible for ordering and managing stock, maintaining kitchen organization and cleanliness, and ensuring the safety and proper functioning of utensils and appliances. Dimitris is an avid cyclist, hiker, and swimmer, which reflects his active lifestyle and adventurous spirit. He has a talent for creating new flavors and garnishing dishes with an elegant and playful touch. His latest position was as a chef on the 40m Motor Yacht Parvati, where he demonstrated his expertise in providing exceptional culinary experiences to charter guests. As the new chef aboard "Best Off," Dimitris is poised to impress with his delicious creations and attention to detail. His love for seafood will undoubtedly shine, as he sources the freshest ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes for guests to enjoy. With his expertise in bakery and confectionery, guests can expect delightful desserts that are both visually stunning and delicious. Dimitris' passion for cooking and his commitment to excellence make him an invaluable addition to the team. His ability to create memorable dining experiences will ensure that guests aboard the "Best Off" will have an unforgettable time.

Hanna Ryshkova
Chief Stewardess
Hanna is an experienced and dedicated Chief Stewardess with over 10 years of hospitality industry experience in multicultural environments. With a passion for adventure and a strong commitment to teamwork, Hanna has found her calling in yachting, where she combines her expertise in the hospitality industry to create exceptional guest experiences. Hanna possesses a solid understanding of all areas of the interior and is proficient in various service techniques, including formal dining and wine service. She has worked on busy charter and private/charter yachts ranging in size from 36m to 95m, steadily progressing to her current role as a Chief Stewardess. Her impressive skill set includes expertise in inventories, provisioning, table service (including silver service), wine knowledge, mixology, flower arrangement, table settings, decoration, event planning, housekeeping, laundry, and shipyard interior jobs. In her role as a Chief Stewardess, Hanna has successfully led interior teams through back-to-back charters and owner trips, achieving outstanding feedback. She has trained green stews, organized guest celebration parties, managed provisioning, coordinated external service providers, compiled inventories, and ensured smooth operations of the interior department. Hanna is fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and has intermediate language skills in Greek and French. She is adept at various service styles, including plated (formal), silver service, buffet, family style, trench style, Russian style, and Arabic style. When not on board, Hanna enjoys activities such as pilates, mountain trekking and climbing, art and craft, and exploring the field of positive psychology. With her extensive experience, skills, and dedication to creating unforgettable experiences for guests, Hanna is a valuable asset to BEST OFF’s team and their guests. Previous Yachts: M/Y O'NEIRO, O'NATALINA

George Souras
Born in 1994, Giorgos is a distinguished alumnus of the Hellenic Merchant Marine Academy, holding an array of essential licenses and certificates, including Advance Firefighting, Medical First Aid, and Security Awareness. Commencing his maritime journey in 2005 aboard commercial ships, he displays an unwavering enthusiasm for embracing fresh challenges and expanding his expertise. Giorgos meticulously attends to every detail, has all the technical knowledge to ensure the seamless and secure operation of BEST OFF. His dedication guarantees guests a seamless holiday experience.

Hendrik Van Wyk
South Africa
Meet Hendrik, a 25-year-old deckhand hailing from South Africa, a hard-working and driven individual fueled by his passion for the Maritime Industry. With a strong commitment to cultivating a long-term career in yachting, Hendrik has spent the past four years honing his skills on various vessels. Armed with a diverse skillset and knowledge acquired through experiences, Hendrik is characterized by his diligence, responsibility, and motivation, always ready to provide support and relief to the crew and charter guests. His qualifications include a Commercially Endorsed Yachtmaster Offshore, MCA/RYA Competent Crew, MCA/RYA Day Skipper (Practical and Theory), MCA/RYA Coastal Skipper, VHF Radio License, RYA RADAR, RYA Diesel Engine Course, Super Yacht Training, RYA PWC, STCW 95, and RYA Power Boat Level 2.

Iryna Kolesnichenko
Introducing Iryna, our second stewardess, a 21-year-old professional from Ukraine. In 2023, she gained valuable experience as a stewardess on m/y EMIR. Iryna holds essential certifications, including STCW Basic Safety Training, Steward no 24, and crowd management (CMAT). Her practical skills encompass table service, laundry, housekeeping, and silver service. Fluent in English and Russian, Iryna is known for her dedication, organizational skills, and efficient time management. Her straightforward and effective communication style ensures a smooth and enjoyable charter experience.

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