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Marinated mackerel quenelle, orange emulsion, caramelized zest
Scallops on cauliflower purée julienned apple, pomegranate
Shrimp crudite on cannellini beans cream and taggiasca olive crumble
Octopus tentacle yellow red pepper cream, caper powder
Tuna tataki in teriyaki sauce with chicory,goat cheese mousse, croaker crudite with lime, ginger emulsion and glasswort
Trio of sea bass tuna and salmon tartare
Creamed red snapper lumpfish roe on top of thyme croutons
Oysters with cucumber jelly and black lumpfish roe

Main Course  

Linguine pasta with homemade pistachio pesto prawns and mint
Spaghettoni pasta "cacio e pepe” pecorino cheese and black pepper prawns, lime zest
Seafood risotto
Pappardelle pasta with saffron, raw shrimp quenelle on top, coffee powder
Lasagnetta with courgette, scallops,  emulsified coral 
Squid ink tagliatelle, lumpfish roe, glasswort
Mint aubergine risotto and raw red prawns
Linguine pasta in  beetroot sauce topped with ginger-marinated scallops
Saffron risotto, raw red prawns and basil sauce

Mediterranean octopus
Sea bass rolle on celeriac cream and courgettes 
Sliced tuna on carrot-ginger cream  sauteed vegetables
Squid on spinach anchovies cream and potatoes
Salt crusted seabass
Catalan style lobster
Sea bream fillet with  fennel orange and taggiasche olives salad 
Catch of the day


Creamy Greek yogurt strawberry and pistachio
Chocolate mousse berries sauce
Basil ginger lemon sorbet
Walnuts and figs cheesecake
Caramelized pineapple with rum and coconut
Catalan cream

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