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CaptainGiuseppe Marinucci Italian 1998
Chef Mattia Vedelago Italian 1992
Number of Crew: 6Languages: English, Italian,German, Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Giuseppe Marinucci

Meet Captain Giuseppe, the 26-year-old Italian maritime maestro with a remarkable six-year captaincy under his belt. Hailing from Termoli, Italy, Giuseppe's seafaring journey commenced at the family shipyard, evolving from a pilot boat driver in Vasto to roles as sailor, Deck officer, and Master aboard passenger ships and yachts worldwide. Fluent in both Italian and English, Giuseppe is not just a captain; he's a versatile water sports enthusiast, skilled in fishing and diving.
Giuseppe's maritime expertise extends to captaining the 49m sailing yacht OHANA for FRASER in France, Greece, and Italy, showcasing his prowess on a global scale. Subsequently, he commanded the 24m sailing yacht Myra for eight months, exploring the enchanting waters of the Greek Ionian Islands and Cyclades.
Beyond his professional aptitude, Giuseppe's vibrant personality and love for the sea make him a standout figure in the maritime world. With a foundation in a maritime family, diverse experiences, and a passion for the open waters, Captain Giuseppe embodies the spirit of a seasoned mariner, ready to navigate any nautical challenge with finesse and enthusiasm.

Chef: Mattia Vedelago

Mattia, a youthful and skilled chef from Italy, pursued his culinary education at the prestigious ALMA School of Italian Culinary Arts immediately after completing his school education. Since 2010, he has honed his craft in various restaurants across Italy and the UK. With an immense passion for food and cooking, Mattia aspires to enhance his guests' sailing experiences through his exquisite culinary creations. Known for his diligence, reliability, and meticulous attention to detail, he tirelessly strives to ensure his guests' satisfaction through adapting the menu to even the most difficult guest preferences. His culinary repertoire spans international cuisines, each dish crafted to perfection. Mattia's courteous demeanor, team spirit, and thrive for professionalism make him a valued team member. Fluent in Italian and English, with a basic understanding of French, he embodies versatility and dedication in his culinary journey.
Ex-yacht: MYRA

Chief Stewardess: Francesca Rosato

Francesca, a dynamic 35-year-old, underwent a career transformation two years ago, veering from her path as a project manager for international companies. Armed with a degree in Political Science, her heart led her to embrace a complete lifestyle change driven by her deep-seated passion for the sea and hospitality. Hailing from the scenic South of Italy, Francesca is a fervent, ambitious, and industrious individual, fueled by a sincere commitment to ensuring her guests feel genuinely welcomed and at ease on board.
Her linguistic versatility adds an extra layer to her capabilities, as Francesca is fluent in Italian, English, German, and Spanish. This linguistic prowess enhances her ability to connect with a diverse range of guests, showcasing her dedication to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. With a background in project management and a newfound love for the sea, Francesca brings a unique blend of skills and enthusiasm to create memorable moments for those aboard.

Stewardess: TBA

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Giuseppe Marinucci

Mattia Vedelago

Francesca Rosato
Chief Stewardess

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