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January 2024
We had an absolutely fabulous time on the Elysian with Orlagh and Cassie! Orlagh's knowledge of the area (including the history) was phenomenal which made for a lovely itinerary. Every place we stopped for the day/night had beautiful views, wonderful water activities, fun bars, and easy access to shore. The boat was very comfortable and both Cassie and Orlagh made it even more so with the hospitality they provided. Cassie's gluten free cuisine was the best that we've ever had. My daughter Stella, who has celiac disease, commented that this was the first time since she was diagnosed that she could sit down for every meal and not have to strategize around what she could or could not eat. The food was amazing!
Orlagh is the perfect blend of professional and fun
Orlagh is the main reason I came back for a second week. She is the perfect blend of
professional and fun. She is incredibly knowledgeable regarding sailing and has unique and personal stories about everywhere we go and everything we see. She also knows how to have fun and gives the best recommendations on day activities we should participate in because she always has the best relationships with locals, and knows what fits for her guests. I could literally write about Orlagh singing her praises forever, but you get the gist.
She was so kind and helpful
She was so kind, helpful and even cleaned up, not leaving the chef having to do everything!
Orlah was everything I was hoping for and more
Orlah was everything I was hoping for and more!! She was super informative, kept us updated with activities and places to go. She sailed the boat beautifully and always offered up good vibes.
Orlagh was absolutely amazing
Orlagh was absolutely amazing!! She kept us safe and was always on top of the upcoming event information. She even took us to an extra little coral adventure. We had a blast hanging with her at the dinners. Thank you!! Would love to do a future week with Orlagh.
Orlagh is the absolute best!
Orlagh is the absolute best!
So intelligent, sweet, and goes above and beyond.
Orlagh was an amazing skipper
Orlagh was an amazing skipper, kept the yacht running smoothly and us in sync with the squad. Could not have asked for a better person to guide us through this journey!
Our captain was tremendous
We're having a great time. Our captain was tremendous. I wanted to mention to you that she was absolutely wonderful knowledgeable, and an excellent guide and teacher. Thank you again I just wanted to make sure that we let you know that we have the highest recommendations for our captain Orlagh!! Wonderful!!
Our was so beautiful and special
Our skipper Orlagh was the absolute best! Not only did she make us feel safe and comfortable on the boat, but she helped to plan amazing day excursions and get us the best restaurant and club reservations. She made us laugh and brought positivity to our trip that was so beautiful and special.
Orlagh was the best
Orlagh was the best, she made us feel welcome and was really friendly and professional. I couldn't imagine a better leader for our boat.
There will be little that can top this trip
We truly enjoyed having Jacob Beman as our Captain during our charter in the BVI. Jacob was a true professional, and handled the catamaran with skill above and beyond what I have seen on other trips.

Jacob was always up early starting coffee and performing his captain duties, and he even helped our chef with some of the meals & her responsibilities.

He was well versed in first aid, as one day I had a small cut on my ankle and he cleaned and bandaged it for me. We were quite impressed during our trip because he always sailed using the sails vs. using the motor, which may have been because of the great weather we had, but regardless, we enjoyed our time on the yacht tremendously.

Alex is a ridiculously good chef, and kept us on track and informed throughout our stay, and made every person on board feel special. She is an amazing person and part of an excellent overall team.

We felt in such good hands
Jacob was happy to answer questions and teach those that wanted to learn more about sailing.

I was so impressed by his professionalism, knowledge of the islands, and basically everything about the water. Jacob was always smiling, and he knew just where to take us to snorkel and things to tell us to look out for.

He was happy to take us to the islands in the dingy, and really made our trip so special. We enjoyed having Jacob for our charter, he is quite an impressive captain.

Alex was beyond words amazing!!

Besides being a phenomenal person, she is a gourmet chef!! She took incredible care of each one of us, prepared incredible meals, and made the entire experience perfection!!

She handled our every need, want and just made every moment fabulous!

We were blown away with how fun and beautiful everything was
There aren’t enough words to say how amazing Alex was! We wouldn’t recommend a yacht trip to anyone if Alex isn’t the chef.

I couldn’t believe how delicious all of the meals were. She made sure we were ready and on time for all events. I can’t imagine this trip without her!

Jacob is professional, smart, kind, witty and I highly recommend him without hesitation.

I would not hesitate to charter with this team again, and I plan to next year!!
Trip of a Lifetime
"It's hard to find the words to describe how our experience was with Sailing Synergy. The beauty of the islands, the love and grace with Alex and Jacob and the majesty of this incredible boat are second to none. This was a trip of a lifetime that will never be forgotten. Thank you for the memories, Synergy."
-Lindsay and Matt Williamson
January 2022
Hands Down Amazing
"Hands down amazing! Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. Synergy sailing can't be beat. Alex and Jacob are perfection. Ask for the chocolate cake! And plan for a karaoke night!"
-Austin Kerr
January 2022
Bucketlist vacation!
"This trip was a "bucketlist" vacation and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thank you Alex and Jacob for taking care of us all week and finding the perfect places in the BVI to visit. We've enjoyed laughing with you this week. The entire trip exceeded expectations! Thank you for all the attention to my food preferences. Alex next time you want to hone those manual stick shift skills give us a call! Hope our paths again soon!"
-Karen Casserly
February 2022
Best Crew in the BVI!
"Best crew in the BVI! The trip was exceptional from start to finish !"
-Paul and Lisa Hegeman
February 2022
The trip was outstanding!
"Alex and Jacob what a fine pair,
You hauled our asses around with care.
We were watered and fed and
You both catered to us well til we went to bed.
We got loud and rowdy while staying on our feet
You kept cooking and Sailing not missing a beat.
From the snorkeling to the swimming to the tuna fishing
The trip was outstanding and the next cruise has us wishing.
I know that the trip can't be extended
By the crews best for the gang from the Midwest.
I know it can't happen this time but the memories will last a lifetime.
Thanks again from the St Louis crew"
-the Pauls
February 2022
Alex and Jacob made the trip EXCEPTIONAL
"This trip was a family vacation to celebrate Cam's graduation. He picked it and we were so excited to experience "salt life" for the first time! What an unbelievable trip! We were spoiled from the moment we got onboard until the last minute. Alex's food is 1st class on every level- presentation, variety, and most of all TASTE! we cheered everytime she announced that a meal was ready (and took pictures of everything)! Captain Jacob was the best captain in the BVI USVI and beyond! He had mad skills as a captain and led us onshore to some superb spots for viewing and drinking. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Alex and Jacob , they are true professionals. Alex and Jacob made this trip EXCEPTIONAL and we feel so lucky to be in their care for the best 8days. Reality will be tough to return to after this dreamy, scenic, gourmet and laughter filled trip."
Laura and John
March 2022
Wish we could have stayed longer!
"Had so much fun this week! Great stops, drinks, and food! Wish we could stay longer! "
-Callie Menna
March 2022
Great fun and family time!
"Great fun and family time! Alex and Jacob joined in on the family action and added to the fun! Very fortunate and grateful!"
-John Menna
March 2022
Heaven on earth!
"Heaven on earth! thank you to the crew Alex and Jacob for making this a memorable trip for us. I don't want to leave!"
March 2022
What an unforgettable experience!
"Wow! What an unforgettable experience! Alex's cooking skills, sweet and calm demeanor and professionalism are unmatched. Jacobs knowledge, confidence and positive outlook are necessary to make this trip as wonderful as it is.we are SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for everything! Wishing you, the owners and future guests the best time on this boat. Thank you thank you thank you!
-KK and Alex
April 2022
The week was perfect
"We had an incredible week celebrating our best friends birthday. The blue skies 80fegree temperature, smoothe seas was just the beginning. We were blessed to have the best crew, Jacob and Alex, who made certain that we were taken care of. The week was perfect and we will most certainly be back thank yo."
April and Hilliard
April 2022
What an incredible time we had on Synergy
“What an incredibile time we had on Synergy this past week! We celebrated our dear, beautiful friend Lisa’s birthday with fun friends, perfect weather and the best new friends (Alex and Jacob). They were beyond attentive and wonderful!!! We loved every minute of it. I will end with one word that describes our experience, CARAMBA!!”
-Karen and BJ
April 2022
BEST crew imaginable!
“What a wonderful time we had and the BEST crew imaginable. Thanks for all your attention to what we had to eat and do. Great experiences!! Best to you!
Synergy and Alex and Jacob made for a fabulous celebration for my upcoming birthday! It was more than I could have asked for and created everlasting memories. Thank you thank you thank you! Until next time!”
-Moo, Billy, Lisa and Robert
April 2022
What an incredible experience in the BVI
"What an incredible experience in the BVIs! Our group of 8 came together to celebrate Jen's birthday and every part of our trip was A+! Alex's food was absolutely divine and her announcing/ guiding skills on Anegada- unsurpassed! Jacob is the best, calmest captain and his cocktails are insane! We are so grateful for this time we had over the course of the week and for the extraordinary boat and crew. Favorite memories include: wake boarding in brewers bay, dance party at coco Maya, anegada painkiller tour, private dinner at Coco Maya, FOXY'S"
-Katherine, Tripp, Jen, Peter, Natasha, Holly, Erik, Ryan
May 2022
What a wonderful week!
"Captain Jacob and chef Alex- what a wonderful week! Thank you for entertaining us, feeding us amazing meals and making us feel like family. The sailing was peaceful and beautiful, the snorkeling and diving were perfect! We are leaving today with all smiles!"
-The Peyton's and the Walkers
June 2022
Absolutely outstanding!
"Jacob and Alex, we were so incredibly fortunate to have had you as our Captain and Chef! The well of professionalism, knowledge and skills could not be surpassed! Each meal was comparable to a 5 star restaurant! Absolutely outstanding! We would travel aboard Synergy with you as the crew again! Will miss you both,
The Rand family"
July 4, 2022
We will do this again!
"We had an excellent trip! This was our first charter and Jacob and Alex could not have been a better team. We enjoyed beautiful sites with amazing food. We will do this again!"
"This cruise was litty asf. 10/10"
-The Clince's
November 2022

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