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CaptainAdam Stobnicki Polish 1988 MCA/RYA
ChefPiotr Czech Polish 1991
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English & Polish

Crew Profiles:
Captain Adam Stobnicki
Having been committed to the sea for the past 7 years, Captain Adam has demonstrated both maritime expertise and an unwavering passion for sailing.
Besides being on the sea, he has also taken on founding and directing a charter base, where he could easily apply his organisational skills and managing a team around him.
He is passionate about sailing and has experience not only on various yachts and catamarans, but he has sailed in many parts of the world, The Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Asia Pacific and in Australia.
In his long career, he has worked a lot surrounded by co-workers and guests, so he learned a lot about being approachable and to have a friendly attitude, to make sure all of his guests have a seamless journey and impeccable experience.
As a seasoned mariner, Adam holds extensive certifications and licenses, from the RYA Yachtmaster to Maltese Superyacht Licence. Each of these stands as a testament to his dedication to mastering the art of sailing.
Beyond his command of the helm, Adam is fueled by passions for photography, travel, and scuba diving, enriching his life both on and beneath the waves.

Chef Piotr Czech
Piotr was born in Poland but has been based in London for quite some time, giving him the opportunity to expand and upgrade his knowledge in his career as a professional chef.
Immersing himself in London's vivid culinary scene, he worked alongside Michelin-starred chefs, elevating his skills and mastering the art of crafting bespoke menus tailored to the refined tastes of guests.
Chef Piotr’s culinary journey began with a solid foundation, having completed Culinary Arts at the University of West London, which laid the groundwork for his remarkable career.
Dedicated to his craft, he continues to delight with his culinary creations onboard DuoLife Yacht while embracing a philosophy centred around fresh, seasonal ingredients.
His passion for experimentation led him to seamlessly blend different culinary styles, creating innovative and beautiful dishes.
His commitment to excellence and the celebration of the finest ingredients. Whether crafting sumptuous French classics, or Mediterranean cuisine, his culinary creations leaves an unforgettable mark on every dining experience.

Stewardess Kornelia Maj
Highly motivated and dedicated professional , Kornelia's multifaceted expertise, coupled with her warm personality and genuine care for guests, makes her an invaluable asset dedicated to ensuring unforgettable and delightful experiences aboard DuoLife Yacht.
With lots of experience in the industry, having worked on many yachts and crewed catamarans, she is very familiar with the job and can approach with ease all tasks.
Born and raised in Poland, she has started with completing the skipper licence course and then went on to international schools and academies to upgrade her knowledge and experience in hospitality.
Her culinary skills attending esteemed Culinary Schools, including The Avenue Cookery School in London and the SKMER Cooking Academy in Split, where she mastered culinary and bartending skills.
During Nela's experience in the hospitality industry, she has demonstrated herself as a hard-working, detail-oriented stewardess.
Approachable and kind, her ambition is to provide exceptional service and elevate the guest experience. Her dedication and genuine kindness ensures tailored comfort for guests of all ages and backgrounds.

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