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The Pursuit Menu - Yacht Chef Ceilidh


Avocado on toasted sourdough, topped with a poached egg cooked to your liking with toasted
pumpkin seeds, micro greens and drizzled with a white balsamic reduction
Coconut milk soaked chia seed bowl topped with seasonal fruit and a vanilla mango purée, walnut
banana muffins (Vegan & Gluten free)
Cinnamon monkey bread French toast, fresh berries and seasonal fruit platter and a medley of
toppings (GF)
Shakshuka with toasted pita bread and salted Greek yogurt
Cream cheese smoked salmon on toasted ciabatta topped with pickled caper berries, fresh dill and
a poached egg cooked to your liking
Mexican tofu scramble, with black beans, kale, tomato and corn topped with fresh cilantro on toast
(Vegan & GF)



Salmon/fried tofu poke bowls with fresh mango, avocado, quick pickled radish, red onion,
cucumber, pickled ginger and steamed edamame beans drizzled with a boatmade Asian style aioli
Mixed green salad medley with quinoa, grilled chicken and honey mustard dressing, with a side of
freshly baked bread
Slow roasted beef tenderloin inside a pita bread shawarma with a medley of roasted vegetables
and boatmade toppings including hummus, olive tapenade, tzatziki and a balsamic roasted tomato
Grilled pineapple and chicken skewers with a garden salad and a Mediterranean style potato salad
with fresh shallots, chilli, herbs and a sweet and tangy dressing



Boatmade spring onion quesadillas triangles and sour cream dip
Charcuterie boards with a medley of cheese, dried fruit and smoked salami paired with a sweet
Baked bacon wrapped dates, pear & bree cheese skewers drizzled with pesto sauce and a side of
freshly made bread and
Caprese salad with fresh burrata and boatmade bread
Cranberry, goat’s cheese and walnut truffles served with a dry wine of choice



Saffron lobster risotto with a green salad and a fresh lemon herb dressing
Angus steak perfectly grilled to your preference, butter rosemary garlic roasted baby potatoes,
charred broccolini and julienned carrots all drizzled with a spicy red wine sauce
Surf and turf chicken and shrimp lemon coconut curry with cilantro, tomato and onion sambals
Baked lime butter mahi mahi served atop coconut rice with a side of lime and mint papaya salad
Grilled fresh salmon, cauliflower rice and sautéed local vegetables in a fresh orange juice sauce
Baked portobello mushroom steaks cooked in a fruity chipotle sauce served on creamy butter bean
mash (Vegan)


Baileys chocolate mousse
Earl grey panna cotta with fresh blueberry compote
Baked dark chocolate coconut flour brownies topped with Irish whiskey cream
Rose and pistachio pudding (vegan & GF)
Pina colada sponge cake with caramelised pineapple topping

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