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• Fresh fruit platter.(v)
• Selection of pastries , bread with  butter and homemade jams.(v)
• Yogurt with homemade granola and fruit.(v)
• Avocado toast with poached egg and crispy bacon.
• Bagel with a herb cream cheese, smoked salmon, arugula and capers.
• Hot ham and cheese croissant with fresh lettuce and tomato slices. 
• English breakfast : eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms and toast


• Watermelon salad with feta, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, balsamic reduction and lemon basil sorbet.(v)
• Roasted cauliflower with  yogurt dressing, pomegranate,  seeds mix and cress. (v)
• Fish tacos with an aromatic herb salad, avocadoaioli, home made pickles served with a spicy coleslaw.
• Citrus cod salad, confit cod with fresh lettuce withgrapefruit and orange segments with a citrus dressing. 
• Ocean salad: shrimps , crab, clams, cucumber, avocado, papaya with a light lime mayo on a lettuce base, served with crackers.
• Thai beef salad: arugula with peppers, carrot, mango, beef strips  marinated in a thai dressing. 
• Smoked  pastrami sandwich on a foccacia bread with mustard , sundry tomato,  goat cheese, pickled cucumber and cress, served with a crispy  potato straw.


• Mezze platter: hummus, tzatziki, tabouleh with fresh crudites, crostinis and marinated olives.(v)
• Summer rolls: selection of paper rice rolls with veggies , tofu and shrimps served with  soy and spicy  sauce.
• Spanish potato omelette with truffle mayo.(v)
• Charcuterie board: selection of cheese , cured meats, marinated sardines with bread, grissines, fig jam and grapes.
• Gyoza and steam dumplings: pan fried gyoza with chicken , apple and ginger. Steam wanton dumplings with pork  and shiitake.
• Empanadas with mahi mahi, spinach and raisins.
• Peruvian Ceviche served on a crispy toast with a sweet potato cream, sweet corn and crispy  coriander.


• Green pea risotto with a parmesan crisp and cress (v)
• Lobster wonton ravioli with a creamy americaine sauce.
• Snapper with a herb crust  with a  veggie timbale served with a roasted red pepper sauce.
• Seafood paella with saffron aioli.
• Chicken curry in a squash with bulgur.
• Steak with dauphinoise potato, asparagus and roasted tomato cherry served with a mustard  sauce.
• Lamb boneless rolled with sauteed spinach, pakchoi, snap peas and a creamy mash potato  served with a red wine sauce.


• Lemon tart with cream.
• Apple tart with vanilla cinamon ice cream.
• Pineapple rum cake.
• Mango cheesecake.
• Matcha tiramisu.
• Orange chocolate tart.
• Fruit skewers with a chocolate mint sauce.

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