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- Served with coffee, tea and juice, and a hearty fruit platter -

Crepes – Filled with vanilla pudding and homemade berry coulis 

Coconut pancakes – Served with Nutella and roasted nuts 

French toast – Topped with syrup, whipped cream and berries 

Overnight oats – Made with coconut yogurt and chia seeds, topped with homemade granola and berries 

Eggs Benedict – Served on a fresh croissant, with homemade hollandaise sauce, bacon slices and spinach leaves 

Shakshuka – Topped with feta cheese, served with avocado slices and fresh bread 

Omelet – Filled with mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes, served with sausages 

Avocado toast – Topped with grilled mushrooms, poached egg and feta cheese 



- Served with juice, soda, beer or wine, and a hefty salad -

Truffle trofie – Pasta with mushrooms in a creamy truffle sauce 

Quesedillas – Served with homemade guacamole and Greek yogurt sauce 

Vegan curry – Thai yellow vegetable curry served with wild rice, cashews and lime 

Falafel salad bowls – Rich Mediterranean salad with homemade falafel, drizzled with homemade tzatziki sauce 

Vegetarian lasagna – Can’t believe it’s not meat lasagna 

Squid in red sauce – Served with mushroom and tomato baked polenta 

Shrimp bisque – Topped with cream and freshly chopped parsley, served with warm garlic bread 



- Served with juice, soda, beer, wine or a cocktail -

Charcuterie board – With artisan bread 

Smoked salmon crostinis – With capers and anchovies 

Chocolate pastry twists – With homemade chocolate sauce 

Summer rolls – With homemade peanut sauce 

Bruschetta – With 3 different tomato based toppings 

Hummus bowl – With pita chips and vegetable sticks 

Baked Camembert bread bowl – With homemade strawberry sauce 



- Served with juice, soda, beer or wine, and a hefty salad -

Stuffed bell peppers – Traditional Balkan dish, served with creamy mashed potatoes 

Salmon with roasted vegetables – Served with quinoa and drizzled with homemade garlic sauce 

Shrimp fettuccine – Pasta with shrimp in creamy tomato sauce 

Smoked salmon risotto – Served with grilled asparagus and butternut squash puree 

Flank steak and rosemary potato wedges – Served with creamy garlic mushroom sauce 

Black squid risotto – Topped with homemade Parmigiano crisps and ink tuiles 

Seared scallops over pea puree – Topped with crispy bacon pieces and roasted carrots 



Fritule – Traditional Mediterranean small doughnuts 

Homemade chocolate nut bark – Served with vanilla ice cream and peanut sauce 

Baked pears – With walnuts, pecans and maple drizzle 

Homemade nice cream – Healthy banana based ice cream served with chocolate chip cookie crumbs 

Deconstructed apple crumble – Served with vanilla ice cream and maple drizzle 

Brownies – Served with whipped cream and chocolate shavings 

Summer cherry cake – Topped with powdered sugar and glaced cherries 

Peach and pecan pastries – Served with vanilla ice cream and maple drizzle 



Tom Collins 


Cuba Libre 



Aperol Spritz 


D A Y 1
Spiced fried eggs
Carribean mussel curry
Filled bell peppers with mushed potatoes

D A Y 2
Eggs Benedict
Chicken or seafood risotto
Bruscheetas and Lasagna

D A Y 3
Mushroom polenta with spinach sauce
Rattatouille with crab cakes

D A Y 4
Breakfst pizza
Pesto gnocchi, roasted garlic tomatoes
Lemon salmon with rosemary potatoes

D A Y 5
Croissant sandwiches
Fried mozzarella caprese
Taco night

D A Y 6
Avocado toast
Pasta salad with seafood
Tenderloins, blue cheese potatoe cakes

D A Y 7
French toast
Home made butter sauce Ravioli
Local fishand vegetables

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