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Previously named STALCA II

CaptainMichalis Gkouveris Greek 1987
ChefYiannis Tsiapas Greek 1995
Number of Crew: 4Languages: English, Greek, Russian

Crew Profiles:
Captain - Michalis Gkouveris
Captain Michalis is Greek and was born in 1987. He graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropirgos and previously studied at the Computer and Network Engineer College. Captain Michalis has a great sailing experience, as he has sailed more than 100,000 nautical miles over the past 15 years, including the last 10 years as a charter Captain. He is passionate about sailing and passionate about all aspects of his work. He also has an intimate knowledge of all regions of the Greek islands. As a Captain he is totally respectful and considerate of his clients, their safety and wellbeing, their comfort and enjoyment. He speaks Greek and English and his main hobbies are photography, video and video clip production.

Chef - Yiannis Tsiapas
Yiannis, was born in Athens in 1995 and is a dedicated and industrious person with over 8 years of experience in the restaurant and hotel industries. Yiannis's culinary adventure started in his grandmother's kitchen at a young age. He has four years of experience in the yachting sector and he has developed his cooking abilities in Athens, Germany, and on Greek islands including Paros, Kea, Ios, and Rhodes. Following vacations aboard a sailboat with his companion, he made the decision to pursue a profession at sea. Yiannis is excited to host visitors on Spirit L and impart his culinary knowledge, especially with Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Speaking Greek and English with ease, Yiannis contributes not only his exceptional cooking abilities but also his skillful communication to make the trip more enjoyable for all guests.

Stewardess - Julia Silich
Julia was born in 1991. She has numerous years of experience working in motor boats, the hotel business, and tourism. She is very courteous and kind. Putting everyone at ease and taking care of their requirements while on board are her main responsibilities!

Deckhand - Dimitris Kapalidis
Dimitris was born in 1990 in Kazakhstan. Passionate about the yachting industry, he has a lifeguard, speedboat and skipper's license. He has graduated from Technical High School with a specialty in engineering. His priority is to make the guests’ experience on board a truly memorable one. He is fluent in Greek, English, Russian and particularly enjoys watersports and travelling!

Michalis Gkouveris

Yiannis Tsiapas

Julia Silich

Dimitris Kapalidis

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