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Resilience SAMPLE MENU


Milk,soia milk, lactose-free milk, hot water, fruit juice, yougurt
Musli, rusks, toasted bread, dried fruit, fresch fruit
Butter, jam, honey
Cake or pie, plumcake
Brioche and croissant

Beef tartare with sprouts or rocket and truffle petal or bottarga petal
Shrimp tartare with lime and mint with citronette pipe
Marinated anchovies
Marinated salmon
Cuttlefish julienne with herb oil and pink pepper on rocket bed
Grilled octopus with herbs
Mozzarella cheese and Sorrento tomatoes
Cutting board with ricotta cheese, goat cheese and trufle honey

First courses
Spaghetti with clams, bottarga, raw shrimp and Tarallo crumble
Bisque rice with raw shrimp tartare,lime and chopped pistachio
Captain special spaghetti with tomato
Pacchero with cherry tomatoes and catch of the day
Risotto with monkfish fish, saffron crispy bacon, pumpkin flowers
Salad pasta(cold pasta) with tuna, cherry tomatoes, capers, origan, olives and mozzarella
Butter noodles with sliced truffle

Second courses
Turbot fillet with artichoke cooked at low temperature
Sea bass fillet with potatoes cooked at low temperature
Amberjack fillet with butter, lime cooked at low temperature
Squids breaded with rice flouron rocket bed with parmigiano flakes and soy sauce
Octopus and potatoes with Salinas cucungi and capers with citrus zest
Danish fillet with butter and truffle

Side dishes
Fennel salad, provolone of munich,chestnut honey
Millefeuille of zucchini eolian style
Sweet sour chanfotte of vegetables
Mixed salad with djon mustard and sliced oranges

Seasonal fruit with ice
Sliced pineapple
Selvatic strawberry with sugar and lime
Tropical fruit mix
Watermelon cubes with ice and flowers

Cannolo composed at moment with chopped nats selection
Decomposed tiramisù
Almond cookies with sweet wine of Pantelleria
Caprese cake with ice cream
Dark chocolate cube with rum

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