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Previously named OCULUS

CaptainMATÍAS BÓVEDA Argentinian 0
ChefEDEN CÓRDOVA Mexican 0
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Spanish/ English/ Portuguese

Crew Profiles:
Meet the 'Ascension' crew!

Captain Matias, Chef Eden & First Mate/Deckhand Nicolas


Matías was born and raised in Argentina. He learned how to sail with his father in the brave Atlantic southern seas. He continued his life at sea in Brazil and Barcelona, where he worked for four years in Quantum Sails as sailmaker. Over the years, Matias has gained valuable experience as a captain on multiple sailing yachts, high-performance racing yachts and motor yachts. He has numerous nautical miles under his belt with deliveries in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic crossings and completed his 200 and 500 ton Captain’s licenses.

Captain Maías is also an expert in kitesurfing, foil surfing, wing foil and he is an avid Scuba diver. He holds exceptional problem-solving abilities, combined with empathic leadership skills.

Matías has been Ascension's Catamaran’s Captain since 2021, managing the crew and charters ensuring every guest that steps onboard has a safe and memorable experience in the most amazing spots!


Eden originates from the Riviera Maya in Mexico and he has previously been devoted to working as a dedicated chef of private tourist houses, combining creativity with meticulous attention to detail.

Eden's Innovative menus reflect his ancestral Mexican exquisite tastes with an international fusion, fulfilling each guest's preferences onboard whilst tantalising their tastebuds! He has hosted special events, thematic dinners and weddings; he is the strategic planner of menus, groceries, and steward supervision. Eden will be sure to make all charter's aboard Ascension deliciously unforgettable!

First Mate / Deckhand - NICOLAS PINCIROLI (From December 17-24, 2023 & January 28, 2024 onwards)

A true adventurer of the sea and a lover of winds, Nicolas made his passion for kitesurfing a full time profession. He is an instructor in Wing Foil and Kitesurf and has visited the best kite-spot around the world. Nicolas set up a Kite School in his hometown of Villa Gesel, Argentina.

He has lived in Brazil, Italy and the Caribbean, where sailing and diving became his other two huge interests. As part of the crew, Nicolas combines his teaching spirit, contagious enthusiasm for an ocean lifestyle and friendly hosting which in-turn encourages guests to enjoy life as much as he does.

All crew members are a professional team who work extremely well together to ensure their guests charter vacation is completely seamless from start to finish!

First Mate / Deckhand - Maia Liaudat (From December 27 to January 27, 2024)

Hailing from Argentina, Maia has called Mexico home for over a decade. With a diverse professional background in advertising and communication, she has excelled as an executive producer and team leader. Maia’s passion for exploration takes her to new destinations, where she delights in connecting with people and immersing herself in their cultures.

A natural sportswoman and adventurer, Maia has a lifelong affinity for sailing, a cherished family tradition centered around one-design races. Over the past four years, she has embraced the open sea alongside her partner, Captain Matias, serving as a dedicated crew member.
Beyond the waves, Maia finds solace in the gentle strumming of the guitar, hosting dinners for friends, and engaging in enriching conversations. Her life story is a blend of professional prowess, seafaring adventures, and the warmth of shared moments with loved ones.

Captain Matias, Chef Eden & First Mate Nicolas/Maia all look forward to welcoming you onboard Ascension!

Matias Boveda

Eden Cordova

Nicolas Pinciroli
First Mate / Deckhand

Maia Liaudat
First Mate / Deckhand

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