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CaptainTyler Boruff USA 0 USCG Master 200T Oceans - Rotational Captain
CaptainShawn Hardesty USA 0 USCG Master 200T Oceans - Rotational Captain
Number of Crew: 4Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Captain | Tyler Boruff

Tyler is always on the move and ready for an adventure. He is a man of many hobbies and easily relates to others. As an avid sailor, experienced diver and adrenaline chaser he finds living and working on the water fitting. For Tyler, chartering is the perfect platform to share his passion for the water. His enthusiasm for the outdoors extends to guiding hikes, exploring remote islands, finding the best jumping spots to plunge into the ocean and showing guests all the best local sites. As your captain, Tyler will make sure you have a fun, safe time on Ohana. Tyler will work with you to make sure your trip is full of destinations and adventures that fulfill your island vacation bucket list.

Tyler's Qualifications:

Master 200 GT Oceans Captain's License | USCG
Endorsements: STCW II/3, Sailing, Towing
Medical Persons in Charge (MED PIC) | USCG
Qualified Member of the Engine Department - Oiler (QMED) | USCG
First Aid + CPR, AED, O2 Administration | USCG

—Water Safety + Scuba Diving—
First Aid + CPR, O2 Administration Instructor | American Red Cross
Lifeguard, Beach | American Red Cross
Scuba Diving Course Director | NAUI #54354 L
Scuba Diving Gold Level Instructor | SSI #65840
Scuba Technical Diving Instructor | TDI #21125
Emergency First Responder Instructor | PADI
Cylinder Hazmat + Fill Station Operations | PSI-PCI
Service Tech | Scuba Pro
Specialized Training: Freediving, Lobstering/Spearfishing, Full Cave Diver (GUE), Water Sports

Bartending License | American Bartenders' Association

Interests: Triathlons, IronMan Athlete, Cycling, Trail Running, Deep Sea Fishing


Captain | Shawn Hardesty

Shawn grew up on the coast of North Carolina, where hobbies such as diving, surfing and sailing started at an early age. His love for this life lead him to pursue a career as a USCG Captain. Shawn’s yachting experience started as a second engineer on motor yachts before finding his niche as a captain on sailing catamarans. His chartering experience includes extensive cruising in the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the South Pacific. Shawn is always up for an adventure in or out of the water and will make sure your trip on Ohana is full of the best activities and locations to cater to your dream trip to the islands.

Shawn’s Qualifications:

Master 200 GT Oceans Captain’s License | USCG
Endorsements: STCW II/3, Sailing, Towing
Able Body Seaman (AB), Lifeboatman | USCG
CPR, AED, First Aid, Emergency Oxygen Provider | USCG

—Water Safety + Scuba Diving—
Scuba Diving Instructor | NAUI #61521
Professional Surf Guiding: Pacific Coast of Central America

Interests: Trail Running, Hiking, Surfing, Kiteboarding, Foiling, Yoga


Chef | Nikolaj Jelsbech
Nikolaj is a dedicated chef, hailing from Denmark, where a love for food was instilled early in his family. With a passion for culinary adventures, he's traveled the world in search of exceptional flavors and ingredients. What truly sets Chef Nikolaj apart is his devotion to honesty in food. Rather than disguising ingredients, he lets the flavors speak for themselves. Each dish is a tribute to the natural beauty of unadulterated ingredients, where simplicity and authenticity reign supreme.

In a fascinating twist, Chef Nikolaj sought wisdom and balance by training with Shaolin monks in China. From this unique experience, he's blended the discipline of the mind and body with his culinary artistry, creating a harmonious fusion of flavors and philosophies. Each dish he creates is a testament to his worldly adventures and the wisdom he's gained along the way.

Nikolaj's Qualifications:

—Culinary + Hospitality—
Specialty Gourmet Chef, Four-year Education | Aarhus Tec
Wine Education | Danish Sommelier Academy
Specialized Training: Champagne, Open Flame Cooking

—Water Safety + Scuba Diving—
Advanced Open Water | PADI
Special Support and Recon | Military Unit
Specialized Training: Freediving, Spearfishing

Motorboat Certification | Danish Navy

Meditation | Songshang Traditional Wushu Academy
Massage | Songshang Traditional Wushu Academy
Shaolin Basics | Songshang Traditional Wushu Academy
Wing Tsun Basics | Songshang Traditional Wushu Academy
Qi Gong/Hard Qi Gong | Songshang Traditional Wushu Academy
Sanda | Songshang Traditional Wushu Academy
Sauna Gus, Sauna Master | Denmark
Specialized Training: Advanced Shaolin Stretching


Mate + Dive Instructor | Josh Mergenthaler

Bio coming soon.

Josh's Qualifications:


—Water Safety + Scuba Diving—
Dive Instructor | PADI
First Aid + CPR, AED Administration | PADI


Chief Stewardess | Maddy Tupper

Despite growing up in a landlocked province in Canada, Maddy’s passion for aquatic pursuits has always been undeniable. She started scuba diving at age 10 and has experience as a lifeguard and swim instructor. Confined to Canadian lakes, Maddy spent her summers wake surfing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Recently graduated from university, with five years as a varsity student-athlete, Maddy's competitive spirit makes her always up for a beach game, a hike, or family board game. She will ensure each moment aboard Ohana is filled with laughter, relaxation, and joy accompanied by the hydrating drink of your choice! Her background in the service industry allows her

Maddy's journey with Ohana began as a guest. She chartered with Tyler three times and spent the entirety of her last charter repeatedly badgering Tyler for a job. So, heed this warning: the beauty of the BVI and the unforgettable experience aboard Ohana will keep you coming back, maybe indefinitely!

Maddy's Qualifications:

Pleasure Craft Operator License | Transport Canada

—Water Safety + Scuba Diving—
CPR/AED Level C | National CPR Foundation
National Lifeguard | Lifesaving Society
Water Safety Instructor | Canadian Red Cross
Dive Master | NAUI
Specialized Training: Swim Instruction

—Culinary + Hospitality—
Food + Wine Level 1 | WSET
Food + Wine Level 2 | WEST
Alberta ProServe Certification | AGLC


This crew's strong background in water safety and background in scuba diving makes them capable of providing an extra level of security to all of their guests.

Combined, their experience on the water, hospitality, and love for fun will ensure your vacation is full of unforgettable memories. You can guarantee Ohana is the best destination for your vacation.


Tyler Boruff

Shawn Hardesty

Nikolaj Jelsbech

Maddy Tupper
Chief Stewardess

Josh Mergenthaler
Mate/Scuba Instructor

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