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Pancake Towers
Pancakes made with Greek yogurt, zest from fruits, and honey instead of sugar, accompanied with either fresh cream cheese, strawberry jam, berries and mint, or praline and crushed cookies with banana slices on the side.

Salmon Toast Avocado
Whole wheat toasted bread, topped with avocado, lime, cottage cheese, poached eggs, and dill.

Scrambled Eggs and Toast
Scrambled eggs with smoked bacon cubes, sauteed mushrooms with cognac and fresh thyme, whole wheat bread, with a light arugula salad with vinegar cream and goat cheese on the side.

Vegetable Omelet
A fluffy omelet with various seasonal vegetables and local cheese as a topping and parsley.

Fruit Salad Shots
A colorful fruit salad layered with strain Greek Yogurt, honey, seasonal fruits, berries, peach or strawberry jam, and nuts.


Shrimps Saganaki
Tender, juicy shrimp marinated with Ouzo, nestled in a fresh garlic-infused with basil tomato sauce, and topped with creamy, melted feta cheese and herbs.

Sauteed Oyster Mushrooms with Garlic
Oyster mushrooms with walnuts, sauteed with garlic butter, topped with parmesan flakes and parsley.

Grilled Vegetables
Grilled zucchini, eggplants, peppers, and mushrooms, drizzled with vinaigrette cream and lime drops.

Cheese Platter
A platter filled with local Greek cheeses, and other cheese varieties, accompanied by sesame breadsticks, olives, and tomato jam.

Charcuterie Platter
A plater with both local charcuteries and Italian with sundried tomatoes, olive paste and cheese breadsticks.


Romaine Lettuce Salad with Smoked Salmon
Baby red and green Romaine lettuce, sprinkled with basil oil, mixed with tasty bell pepper strips, smoked salmon lightly cooked with lime, homemade shallot vinaigrette and herbs.

Caprese Salad
Fresh tomato carpaccio slices, topped with mozzarella for di latte, pesto sauce, yellow pepper, fresh basil leaves, and roasted pine nuts.

Greek Salad
The traditional tasty Greek Salad, with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, slices of red onion, olives, dried Greek oregano drizzles, and fresh basil leaves, topped with feta cheese and olive oil.

Mango Salad
Thin slices of mango marinated in homemade strawberry vinaigrette sauce, chia seeds, bell peppers, mint leaves, orange juice sprinkles, and mozzarella bites.

Beetroot Salad
A light and refreshing salad with beetroot, strained low-fat Greek yogurt, mint, walnuts, fresh onions, parsley, lime zest, and feta cheese bites.

Side Dishes

Whole wheat bruschetta
Bruschetta with whole wheat bread slices, fresh baby tomatoes, garlic paste with basil, olive oil, topped with Greek gruyere cheese flakes, and basil leaves.

Tortilla Rolls
Whole wheat and carrot tortillas with either red and green lettuce, mozzarella bites, pesto sauce, pine nuts, and thinly sliced tomato cubes, or cream cheese, smoked salmon with herbs and lime drops, fresh onion, dill, and pepper.

Spinach Pie
Individual spinach pies, with sauteed baby spinach, leek, fresh onion, dill, and feta cheese, wrapped between Cypriot pie sheets.

A traditional Greek dish from Mani, made with fresh tomato sauce, slowly cooked, eggs, and oregano, with melted gruyere and feta cheese bites.

Vinegary Octopus
Slowly cook fresh octopus in vinegar and red wine sauce, with bay leaves and spices.

Ceviche Fresh Fish
Fresh local ceviche fish, with lime, herbs, and caviar brie drops on top.


Tagliatelle with Zucchini and Chicken
Tagliatelle with thin zucchini slices, sauteed with white wine, lemon sauce, dill, and juicy roasted chicken pieces.

Beetroot Pasta with Smoked Herring
Beetroot pasta with smoked herring sauteed with vodka, roasted pine seeds, white creamy sauce, and herbs.

Mushroom Linguini
Linguini with a mushroom variety, garlic butter, smoked bacon cubes with fresh rosemary, thyme, and roasted walnuts, topped with parmesan flakes and fresh parsley.

Lobster Linguini
Fresh lobster, accompanied with linguini in fresh tomato sauce.


Risotto with Vegetables
Risotto with carrot, zucchini, bell peppers, and eggplant neat cubes, white wine, lime zest, and dill

Risotto with Mushrooms
Risotto with a variety of mushrooms, garlic, and cognac

Main Courses

Roasted Chicken with Lime and Herbs
Tender chicken breast in the oven, marinated with herbs, lime, and smoked paprika, sundried tomato flakes, and prosciutto slices.

Beef slices with Wine Sauce
Juicy beef slices cooked with fresh rosemary, thyme, garlic, and red wine sauce, accompanied with crispy accordion potatoes in the oven.

Bell Peppers and Beef
Sauteed bell peppers, with ginger, soya sauce, herbs, lime, sweet and sour sauce with juicy beef pieces, accompanied with Basmati rice.

Catch of the Day with Herbs
Fresh local fish with herbs and thinly sliced vegetables in the oven.

Salmon with Asparagus
Fresh salmon fillets in the oven with herbs, lime, ginger, and asparagus.


Baklava with Kaimaki Ice-Cream
The traditional dessert Baklavas, accompanied with Kaimaki ice-crew, strawberry jam, and mint.

Halvas and Fruit Platter
A platter with the traditional dessert Halvas, made with tahini, with nuts, and surrounded by fresh seasonal fruits.

Ice-Cream Revelry
A platter with various ice-cream flavors, such as salty caramel, dark chocolate, caramel and nuts, drizzled with cookie crumbles and caramelized apple pieces with cinnamon.

Cream Pies
Cream pies, also known as Bougatsa. Pastry filled with sweet white cream baked in the oven topped with icing sugar and cinnamon.

Fruit Platter
A platter filled with seasonal fresh fruits from the local islands, such as watermelon, melon, berries, and peaches.


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