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Scramble eggs with or without vegetables
Bagels with smoked salmon, avocado, rocket salad and truffle cream cheese
Wrapped of scrambled eggs, lettuce, bacon, and truffle cream cheese
French toast with homemade jam
Chia pudding
Crepe or pancakes
Avocado toast with poached eggs and sesame seeds
Cutted fresh fruit
Greek yogurt with musli and honey
Smoothies (fruit depending on clients flavour)
Cesar salad
Greek salad
Quinoa salad with feta, pomegranate and rocket leaves
Mediteranian salad with tomato, cucumber, avocado, red union, fresh coriander and lime juice
Pretty fillet with tomato carpacio, red union and modena reduction
Warm salad made of eggplant with stoved cherry tomatos, with garlic and chipotle, covered with burata and fresh basel
Tartar salmon
Tuna tartar
Beef tarar
Grilled octopus with ajoarriero
Roasted scampi with butter and garlic
Grilled feta
Prawn carpacio
Mussels with mariner sause
Mussels al pernod
Mussels stuffed with spiced rice
Grouper Ceviche
Fennel soup
Tomato cream soup
Beetroot soup
Red bell pepper soup
Risotto di Funghi al tartuffo
Sea bass in salt with rosemary and dill
Lamb with wine, herbs and vegetables, Done in the ovens in sealed container
Zucchini pasta with fresh pesto and pine nuts
Battered chicken with cauliflower rice
Belgian stew on base of dark beer with mash potatoes
Sesame crusted tune laying on mango, avocado and cucumber tartar
T-bone served with lava Stone with baby carrot and hummus
Zucchini flower stuffed with white cheese
Orzo with prawns and baby squid and fresh parsley
Chocolate mouse
Oreo cheesecake
Apple crumble
Creme Brulé
Mango merengue
Chocolat coulant with vanilla ice
White chocolate soup with berries

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