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CaptainAndrea Bartolini Italian 0
Chef + Deckhand / Hostess Italian 0
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Crew Profiles:
Andrea Bartolini
Captain - Italian

Andrea has long experience on board sailing and motor yachts.
In his last role he has been captain for 16 years of a 65'sailing yacht available for charter for the members of Genoa Yacht Club.
Expert in navigation, yacht maintenance and providing exceptional customer service.
He successfully sailed charter yachts across the Mediterranean.
He has good manners, is very polite and knows how to behave with guests and how to lead a team of crew members.
He is a sailing instructor and has a diving license.
He speaks English.


Chiara Gerli
Deckhand and hostess - Italian
Chiara is 35 years old, she has been in love for the sea and its life since she was young.
She is strongly motivated and she has a long experience in the yacht industry.
She is Marine Biologist, Diving Instructor and Yachtmaster Offshore. She has also a lot of qualifications and licenses.
Chiara has excellent communications skills, friendly & outgoing personality, she is a good team-player, well adaptable and problem solving;
highly motivated with exceptional customer service skills.
She speaks English, Spanish and French.


Letterio Nulli
Chef - Italian
Letterio is 34 years old, he was born on the shores of the Strait of Messina, a unique area that
bonds two different seas, the Ionio and the Tirreno, here he cultivated the passion for the sea and culinary traditions of his belowed land.
He is a young chef with a deep passion for Mediterranean cuisine.
He has experience as a chef on board of charter yachts, he ia a good team member, is polite with good manner.
He speaks English and Spanish.

Andrea Bartolini

Letterio Nulli

Chiara Gerli
Deckhand - Hostess

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