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Chef Caitlin's Sample Menu


All breakfasts served with Greek yogurt, homemade granola and fruit platter.

Italian eggs 

freshly baked sourdough| basil pesto| tomatoes| mozzarella| Parma ham| fried egg| balsamic reduction

Smoothie bowls

topped with toasted coconut| fresh seasonal fruit| chia seeds & nuts

Avocado toast 

freshly baked sourdough| avocado| poached eggs| feta| bacon| lime chili dressing

Salmon bagel 

Toasted bagel| cream cheese| scrambled egg| smoked salmon| caper berries & fresh dill

Honey halloumi 

Freshly baked bread| whipped rosemary butter| honey comb| halloumi 

Duck confit benedict 

Toasted English muffin| poached eggs| paprika orange hollandaise sauce


Chia puddings| coconut pancakes| freshly baked pastries| corn frittata   



All lunches served with homemade focaccia. 

Caesar Salad 

Grilled chicken| sourdough croutons| homemade Caesar dressing| parmesan shavings 

Sirloin steak   

sliced and topped with rocket & pine nuts| pesto pasta| grilled peach & burrata salad 

Sesame tuna poke bowl 

Japanese rice| edamame| citrus picked cucumber| avocado

Blackened shrimp tacos 

soft shell tortillas| mango salad| yogurt & jalapeño dressing

Greek spread 

pita bread| Greek salad| sweet potatoes with rocket & feta| Beef kofta| tzatziki 


homemade brioche buns| bacon onion marmalade| potato wedges

Grilled octopus

Kalamata chimichurri| zucchini salad with lemon & capers| sumac roast potatoes  



Panko prawns| avocado mousse| mango salsa 

Charcuterie| selection of the finest meats & cheeses| crackers| olives| berries & nuts 

Gazpacho| watermelon| vodka 

Phyllo pastry parcels| brie| raspberry coulis 

Wahoo ceviche| avocado| melon| fried wonton chips 

Snapper fish cakes| homemade black garlic aioli| crispy lemongrass 

Boa buns| pulled pork| spicy lime cabbage 



All dinners served with homemade brioche dinner rolls. 

Slow cooked beef short ribs

potato purée| green bean salad

Lobster risotto 

local BVI lobster| saffron| parmesan 

Grilled Mahi Mahi

saffron rice| toasted almonds| roasted peppers| lemon butter white wine sauce

Surf & turf

Fillet steak| seared scallops| dauphinoise potato stacks| asparagus bundle 

Crispy pork belly

slow cooked in apple cider & star anise| parsnip purée| roasted carrots 

Butternut ravioli 

burnt sage butter| candied hazelnuts| ricotta 

Teriyaki Salmon

pak choi salad| chili garlic noodles 



Italian meringue| gran mariner cream | strawberries sorbet| fresh berries 

Profiteroles| dark chocolate mousse| brownie crumb| white chocolate twirl 

Black cherry tartlet| lemon curd| pecan praline 

Vanilla and thyme panna cotta| shortbread crumb| forest fruits

Puff pastry layers| spiced pumpkin pastry cream| candied cranberries

Chocolate bourbon pecan pie| crème anglaise| butterscotch drizzle 

Olive oil lemon sponge| brown sugar cookie crumb| candied lemons 















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