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May '24 Charter
It feels just like yesterday we stepped onto this beautiful yacht, but also in such a short period of time we've had so many experiences and been introduced to so many beautiful places and the water! Thank you for making our first charter the most amazing experience we could have hoped for, including our night-time adventure which now has Jay believing he's a full-time captain from here on out!
Michael, thank you for getting us to all our destinations safe, and for the history lesson on the islands along the way, and for putting up with Jay's never ending questions about boating & the seas! Be ready for next year, Jay will be coming aboard with a year of boating research under his belt after this adventure! Casey, every meal was beyond beautiful! We know your cuisine was magic when the life jackets got too snug at the end of the trip. Josh, thank you for night chats and stories, great to get to know you and best of luck on your new boat, Captain! Nicole, you always knew what we needed without us knowing it! Your little touches and attention were so sweet and made us feel like royalty. Thank you for keeping our pale Canadien skin protected at all times! Best of luck on your next adventure with Josh! Love us both - Jason & Stephanie
April '24 Charter
We can't thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of us on our first boating trip! You are so amazing and made us feel at home the whole week. We truly appreciate all of your hard work and attention you gave us, from our little treats on our beds, to the best food ever, to taking us to quite the dive bar, and making sure we stopped at all the perfect spots on the islands! You were so fun to be around and I'm pretty sure Jimmy would love to become part of your crew! We will definitely miss having fun in the water and playing with all the toys on the boat. There's no doubt that we'll miss all of our gourmet meals when we head back to NYC. But most of all we wish you all the best on your upcoming adventures and travels and know that anyone who comes aboard Aeolus will be very lucky! -Jen & Jimmy Wilent

Thank you all for the perfect cruise. All of us on Aeolus this trip either own or have owned boats of our own and we know what it takes to deliver a special experience and you did that and more. Michael, your can do, laid back style sets a wonderful tone for the Aeolus crew. Josh, we all wish you huge success in your next role as Captain. It was great that we got to see you in action for one of your last trips, go get em! Nicole, superb, sweet, smart, and all over it. Enjoy your new gig and we wish you well in your endeavor. Continue your Adventures! Casey, you spoiled us. Every meal was delicious and special. Great job and now diet time!
April '24 Charter
"To the amazing, marvelous, and always happy crew of Aeolus - You have exceeded every expectation that I had for my family's first maiden sailing voyage. This 'forced family fun' trip was truly everything I imagined it would be PLUS more. Each of you has a true special gift and you so generously shared with us. Your patience, kindness, knowledge, your caring, and true love of what you do shone through. Every little detail was noticed by Nicole, every special meal request by Casey, every water toy wish by Josh, and Michael the scuba, sailing, and patience with all aboard! You are wonderful people and we are blessed to have spent this Easter week with you!" -- Maja

"Casey - You are an artist with food! Simply Amazing! We all had too many favorites and could not agree on the winning dish. Thank you for being so accommodating with so many special requests! Nicole - you have the best people skills that I've seen in hospitality! You are truly gifted and go the extra mile every time! Josh - your happiness is infectious; you truly enjoy every day and you make this job look like fun!! Gratitude comes easy to you and it shows! Michael - I'm so glad that you traded in Finance for this amazing profession. Your peace and tranquility is a very important quality in this business! Thank you for introducing scuba to my family. I will be forever grateful! To the owners - Thank you for sharing this amazing vessel! As guests, we only see the top 1/3 of the iceberg and know how much work it is to create Aeolus! You've done a great job! The crew is a ten out of ten! Thank you." -- John
March '24 Charter
Heaven on the Seas! Wow, it is difficult to imagine a more stellar week on the water. The Caribbean islands and island hopping done to perfection. Thank you Supreme Naval Commander Cottrell for a lights out week! Captain Michael, Casey, Josh & Nicole, thank you for a refined, lovely, gastronomically fantastique and beverage heaven on water. From the underwater scuba paradises to the e-foiling highs and lows, this trip was a flat out blast!! There are simply too many extraordinary, fun, and outrageous sunsets, mornings, swims, etc. to mention. It was a week of giant W's. Thank you Commander for a visit of smart & fun hilariousness and lifelong comraderie and friendship. This was truly a memorable week of limitless superlatives! - W
March '24 Charter
What a beautiful week. The blessings bestowed upon all of us from Nicole, Michael, Josh and Casey were unbelievable. Nicole - thank you so much for the care you provided this week. You went above and beyond to show us love and care. Your love notes and flowers on our pillows brought me so much joy. Most importantly? I see that you take this seriously and actually love what you do here. It’s so nice and refreshing to see that! Thank you for being you. Casey - I don’t know where to start. Can I whisk you away so me and my family can enjoy your cooking? You had to accommodate so many different dietary restrictions and you did it with so much ease. Everything was superb. I pray in this lifetime I get to experience your cooking again. Thank you. I pray you create a cookbook of all your superb dishes… Josh! Thank you so much for your sweet and calm spirit. I see you working hard and being so present with us with the little things. Thank you for keeping us safe and ensuring we have fun. Continued blessings to you! Michael! Thank you for being our guide, for keeping us safe. Your humor daily was a joy to be around. Thank you for driving this boat with ease and getting us to where we needed to go. I also see your care and compassion for others. People look to you always for direction without knowing you because that’s who you are: a leader. Keep living your dream. If it wasn’t for Brandi and Steve we would have never been able to experience all of your beautiful individual talents. Cheers to Brandi and Steve for choosing the most amazing crew! With love always - LaShawn. 

Aeolus crew! Wowza. Best week ever. Thank you so much for all the fun times! I enjoyed the food so much. My tummy has never been this happy. Thank you to Casey for making amazing food to keep me on my macros. Huge thanks to Michael and Josh for being great tour guides and also educators of the land! In addition, Nicole! You have a personality that lights up the room! You are always there when needed and you make the best drinks and bed time notes! Thank you all for everything! So blessed to spend a week with y'all! See you soon. Much love and light and laughter - Jenna.

The crew of Aeolus is simply amazing! Everything about this trip has been a true journey! Captain Michael is a very capable seaman. He has a great sense of humor and hits every curveball out of the park. Josh quietly works to keep all the toys within reach and is ever present with a warm smile and a helping hand. Nicole will hand you a cold drink. She is a true alchemist, and an expert group facilitator. She keeps everyone’s spirit up just by walking in the room! Casey Casey Casey - oh my - you are a true delight and master chef. Thank you so much for all of your care. You did crush it! Thank you Aeolus Crew! I feel like you really “saw us”. I wish you the very best on your personal journeys. Mental hugs - Rhonda. 
March '24 Charter
You all provided exceptional service and trust for my first time in the U.S.VI + BVI. You were all so caring, patient, friendly and professional. Words cannot describe being in your presence for a week! Casey, I applaud you for making my meals vegan and being so great at it. I am a big foodie, your meals have been the best I’ve ever had. I know you worked tirelessly to feed us and you’re seen for that. Nicole, your service is beyond first class. You treated us like queens and your drinks were the best thing I’ve ever had! The notes you left on my pillow is something I’ll take home with me to do in my household. Josh, you are quiet but you are seen for all of your hard work, physical work and making this trip so smooth and flawless - you are acknowledged! Michael, you also made the entire week flawless and your patience, humor and personality didn’t go unnoticed. You made a group of seven ladies who have control issues feel 100 percent safe, secure and at peace. Thank you all for your expert concierge! Thank you for the diet accommodation for myself, thank you Nicole for the amazing dance moves and thank you to the boys for making us all feel comfortable. Until we meet again! - Laurel

This was a trip of a lifetime with 5+ star crew. Sharing a week of adventures with The Lady Sirens was a blast. An amazing group of ladies, leaving as friends with stronger bonds. I can’t thank the crew enough. They made the week flawless. Make a request and they would make it happen. Casey - thank you for the amazing food. You covered us… we never went hungry. You quickly learned preferences and accommodated them with ease (well, you made it look that way). I wish I could even come close to the amazing, healthy meals and treats you made. True talent! Nicole - you are fabulous at your job. The energy. The service. Your notes of appreciation to encourage us. Always there picking up after us. Making sure I had ice water at all times. I wish I could bring you home. Josh - you tend to work in the shadows, but never too far away. I see the hard work you put in each day helping out your coworkers. Michael - you were an awesome captain. I will always remember you bringing out the map to show us the next day’s plan. Thanks for helping to make CrossFit workout happen! You’re the best. I have so much gratitude for all of you. I don’t have the words to express what you have given me. So many memories… a lifetime of them. I am so glad and thankful Brandi hosted this amazing trip/retreat. It was needed more than I knew. The crew made this adventure manifest to more than I could ever even imagine. Keep being amazing! - Candace
Previous Vessel '23 Review
Thank you both for being such kind and thoughtful vacation planners, our trip was wonderful. We made a lot of memories together and are grateful for everything you did to make it happen! Here are a few of our favorite memories: Gumption and all he entails: entrepreneur, DJ, Tour Guide, Lemur expert, photographer, and promoter! Michael's pants being assaulted by the chair in Anegada; may they find the courage to be worn again in public. Billy Ocean and Casey's bellowing laughs on Murder Mystery Night. Mom and her lost and found jewelry and hat nearly being blown to Puerto Rico. Of course we will always miss and remember Casey's delicious food. Thanks for being so flexible with us; it's going to be a sad farewell at the end of this vacation. We wish you both well in your next adventure and hope to see you on the islands next season!
- The Wusterhausens
Previous Vessel '23 Review
After our last charter, I think we all wondered if it was possible to match that guys exceeded it!! This was an amazing week with you both and it was so needed after a crazy, challenging few years. Casey, the food and service was perfect - we'll all be thinking of you when we're back in the gym. Thank you for making it amazing!! Michael, the quiet competence with a side of Texas sass. You did such a great job being our Captain, host, and guide. Thank you - we'd follow you both to any boat or place. This place is special to all of us and you made it more so. Thank you for taking such good care of us.
- Matt & Leni

Thank you both for such an amazing and fun trip.
- #10 & #12 chair champs Derick & Shannon

Michael you were a good first mate, Casey you were an amazing Chef. Thank you both for an amazing charter. You made the experience!
- Chase & Taylor
Previous Vessel '23 Review
We stumbled aboard late, tired, stressed, and excited to start our week. Within the hour we were casually laughing and getting into the groove of the vacation of a lifetime. Words cannot express our thanks for all the delicious food, special cocktails, patience, jokes, and most of all just taking care of everything so we just had to sit back and relax. Everyone agrees: Exceeded our Expectations!
One thing is for sure, this trip would have not been as amazing, fun, and memorable without our Crew - Michael & Casey. You are the VERY BEST. We feel so lucky to have selected Liquid Zen and spent our week with you. Can't thank you enough.
The Booze Cruise - Jenna & Keith, Meredith & Matt, Meredith & Derrick
Previous Vessel '23 Review
What a ride (literally)! Our Iowa YPO group will forever remember your phenomenal hospitality. The week couldn't have been more perfect from the beautiful spreads of delicious food, the humor sprinkled in with fun music, flexible timing for our excursions, and tolerance for our "wild ones." You have found your calling and we are fortunate to have been your guests. We greatly appreciate your smiles, your never ending friendliness, and the quick-witted comments. We wish you the best because you are the BEST. Hope we get to do it again sometime! You've opened my eyes to a whole new world. Thanks for everything!
-Mike & Ann, Josh & Brooke, PJ & Jeanne-Marie, Chris & Nicole
Previous Vessel '23 Review
It is difficult to re-create unique and magical moments. Congratulations, you did it! This has been an amazing week. The two of you go above and beyond to create the best experiences. We will leave with hearts full. The beautiful stops, yummy meals, exploring, and lots of laughter. As a group we had several discussions on how we really enjoyed getting to know you both more. You both are precious! Thank you for Everything! Don't you dare come to Florida without stopping to see us in Ocala!
Love Angie, Clint, RJ, Todd, Nicole, and Nay
Previous Vessel '22 Review
This trip was absolutely incredible and that is because of y'all! It was like being at summer camp with the two most fun counselors. You guys kept us in line with good suggestions and lots of delicious food. It was so awesome getting to know y'all, learning cool stuff about the islands, exploring new spots, and so much laughing. Casey - you're an amazing chef and the kindest person. Michael - you're an effortless captain and hilarious person. Thank y'all so much for making the week so awesome. We hope to boat with the two of y'all again soon - maybe we can find a few more merch stops!
- Amy & Jon, Chris & Brit, Eric & Monica, & Barry the Barracuda
Previous Vessel '22 Review
Where to start...a million thank you's aren't enough for what has been the very best vacation ever! You've far exceeded our every expectation!! Casey - Wow! So impressed with every single meal...I bow to your greatness as your crab cake is way better than mine! :) you are the master of mise en place!! Michael - your'e a gifted captain and instructor. I so appreciate the scuba lessons and next year will get to the bottom.
Wishing you both a very relaxing offseason, safe travels, and precious time with your families!
- Laurie & Stephen

Thank you for the perfect 25th anniversary trip! Both of you made the whole experience far beyond our dreams! Casey, we don't want 'french trained' cuisine ever, we just want your amazing 'Chiefdom'!! :) Captain, my Captain - Michael what an amazing leader and host you are! Thank you so much for your patience with my scuba anxiety and your tolerance for our husbands! We cannot thank you enough for all you did this week!
We will miss you both!
-Laura & Joe
Previous Vessel '22 Review
"To say this was the trip of a lifetime doesn't even come close to the true experience that you two created for our family. Our two families, though separated by distance, have been coming together for years, and this is by far the BEST trip we have ever taken. The attention to detail, your kindness, and patience truly stood out. We all know 100% for sure that we landed the best crew & boat in the entire USVIs. We all can't wait to return to meet again & experience the BVIs with you both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
-The Zaps
if you ever need an extra crew member for night watch, you know who to call ;)

"What a treasure it was to be a part of your Liquid Zen world for a week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this the best week ever!! It is hard to pick a favorite day/memory from the week. The sunset hike, the "icing", the scuba diving, the FOOD, the drinks, pineapple card game, the night time snorkeling, will all be in our hearts forever. Your attention to detail is so impressive. The two of you make the best team and your hard work does not go unnoticed. Grant is already plotting the next boat trip to the BVIS, but we all agree we couldn't do it with anyone but the two of you! Take care and be safe, and we hope our paths cross again!"
-The Coons (aka future Bote Raft Owners :))
Previous Vessel '22 Review
"Thank you both for such an incredible experience on Liquid Zen! Even though our parents weren't able to make it, we had the BEST time and honestly wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe icing Brad at least *one* more time). This week truly was the best relaxation that I didn't know I needed.

To Casey: no words other than wow - this trip was filled with the most amazing food and really not sure how I can go back to reality at this point (lol) Thank You! To Michael: Thanks for being such a fun Captain despite our plot to lose the dinghy. Also thanks for initiating Brad into the family by icing him upon arrival. We won't forget these things along with all the other great memories!

We had such a great time hanging out with you both, and feel like we are leaving with two new friends. It's been an unforgettable trip & we can't wait to do it again! (maybe we'll even let our parents join next time haha). Cheers! Love Mollie, Hastings, Emily & Brad
Previous Vessel '22 Review
"Thank you for saving our vacation from near-certain tragedy! Not only did we get a great boat, we got an even better crew. You are a great team and top notch across the board. You enabled us to make new friends (including you) while having the time of our lives. Not a boring moment. It is rare to find people in the world who are so good at making others feel so good, have so much fun, and make them eat so much!! We will miss you." -Shaun (aka boat man) & Betty

"What a fantastic week...and unexpected given the inauspicious start having our originally planned vacation canceled the morning of our flights. As it turned out, we were lucky. This past week was better than expected - good time with great friends, of course, but with a nicer boat and (I'm sure) a better crew. You two were great, organizing a fantastic itinerary with unexpected surprises - After Irma concert, massages, Lime Out, Zozos...and what wonderful food!!! Thank You!" - Heather and Lou

"We have lost ourselves in the moment of "today is today." I am hard pressed to think of another time in the last two years when I have felt so relaxed and carefree and slowed down. This was all possible because the two of you made things so easy, comfortable, and your knowledge of the islands and what you knew we would enjoy. There were too many highlights to pick out just one, but what I will remember the most is the belly laughs with the two of you and all our friends. Thank you for absolutely everything!" - Christine & Rob
Previous Vessel '21 Review
"Michael & Casey,
Thank you for giving us a week full of experiences and memories that we will remember for a lifetime! From the food that was out of this world, to teaching Shane and Travis to scuba dive, and even showing us the ropes of sailing, we've had the most unforgettable week island hopping around the Virgin Islands!

Both of you have shown unbelievable kindness, grace, patience, wisdom, joy, laughter, and love to not only our family, but to each other! Each of you are truly an inspiration to us and everyone you encounter! Thank you for being such a highlight on our trip and welcoming us to your home with open arms. We hope you have an amazing 2022!
Love, The Cristiano Family"
Previous Vessel '21 Review
Senior Spring Break – March 2021
‘Everything about this trip was absolutely perfect. Michael & Casey clearly love what they do and their passion shows. After a number of boat trips, this is my all time favorite and we will be back!’ – Monica

‘Thanks for the unforgettable week. Best trip we’ve ever had! Next time you’re in Rains look us up.’ – TA

‘Thanks for the perfect trip for us Newbies! The food and adventures – we will never forget. The attention to detail was on point! Can’t wait to sail with you guys again and thanks for making us “seniors” feel young again ’ – Angie

‘Thank you for an amazing week on the sea and in the sun! Top notch crew, my favorite yet, that didn’t miss a thing. I appreciate your attention to detail and how you went above and beyond on the menu and taking us to places we hadn’t been. You will be missed and y’all make us want to come back!’ - Stacey and Big Nate
Previous Vessel '21 Review
"We've traveled all over the world and this has to be our favorite vacation so far! Thank you for taking such good care of us! Michael was a great Captain from working the sails to navigating the dinghy in the dark. Casey - the meals, snacks, and drinks were way beyond our expectations - every meal was the "BEST MEAL" (seriously create a cookbook and make some side $$!!). Our trip has ended much too soon - let us know where you are in a year so we can book another charter with you! If you're ever in Atlanta, you have a place to stay so give us a call (same with Nashville! Come see us & we will take you to Broadway :)). God Bless you in all your adventures!"
-The Grimes, Greg, Melissa, Conner, & Kristen Duluth, GA

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