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Breakfasts :

Every morning, we kindly propose different types of eggs:

  • scramble, fried, poached, omelette, boiled

We propose as well pancakes, french toasts and crepes

Customers can also have fresh fruits, cereals and milk, yogurt, granola, charcuterie and cheese, avocado, different flavor of jam, butter and bred, tea, coffee and fruit juices





Starter :

Tomato salad, burrata, basil & breadsticks

Mango & avocado tartare serve with shrimp

Avocado toast with poached egg served with baked potato & sour cream and salad

Chicken nuggets with cheddar sauce

Gazpacho & tomato bruschetta

Shrimp tempura

Beef and chicken mexican tacos

Roasted goat cheese in a provencal sauce with rosemary

Tabbouleh served with marinated beef skewers


Main course :

Grilled octopus with garlic and parsley served with mash potatoes

Fresh tuna tartar served with ginger scented rice, carrots dice and grated radish

Chicken curry with ginger, coriander, lime served with coconut rice

Asian style marinated beef meet served with mac & cheese

Home made burgers with fries & sweet fries served with white and red cabbage salad with cashew nuts dressing

Shrimp fried rice served in a half pineapple

Beef lasagna served with salad

Jerk chicken & porc, Bahamian style barbecue, served with potato salad and grilled vegetables & corn

Risotto served white fresh fish fillet

Poké bowl salmon or tuna with rice & fresh spring rolls

Linguine, garlic, coriander served with roasted cherry tomato and fresh local fish


Dessert :

Banana Split

Cheese cake

White Lady: vanilla ice cream, almonds, chocolate sauce & biscuit

Fruits verrine and whipped cream

Thin apple pie with salted butter caramel ice cream 

Coconut flan

Colonel (lemon ice cream in vodka)

Chocolate cake with whipped cream

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