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CaptainRon Gertler 0 MCA and RYA Captain's certificates
ChefEda Caglar Turkish 1984 Captain's licence, Food Science degree
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English and Turkish

Crew Profiles:

With 3 circumnavigations, 18 Atlantic crossings, 3 Pacific round tours and 7 Indian Ocean crossings as well as extensive Mediterranean, Caribbean and Bahamas cruising experience it’s hard to find anyone with more extensive sailing experience. Some of his, too many to list, voyages have been single-handed, others with multi-lingual crew, on mono and multi hulled vessels, ranging from brand-new yachts on their maiden voyages to skippering a 180’ schooner built in 1902 and fitted with an 8-cylinder MWM U-boat engine!

Ron has MCA and RYA certification in addition to his BSc in Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineering which led to a successful career in the design and manufacturing of cutting tools and programming of CNC machines before becoming a very knowledgeable and respected charter yacht captain.

His experience and personality will ensure all guests have wonderful and long lasting memories of sailing on a beautiful, fast and safe yacht with an attentive and dedicated crew

Chef Eda Caglar

Eda grew up in Bodrum, Turkey one of the most beautiful and famous yachting towns in the world. As far back as Eda can remember her family grew their own organic products in their garden at home. Eda as a child has always loved the sea and started swimming and sailing at a young age. Eda attending college and university in Turkey where she studied science education. After completing university, in 2008 she traveled to the States to Central Florida University to attend the hospitality management certificate program and had an internship at Walt Disney World

Eda has been a yacht chef for about 6 years now. She loves sharing the Mediterranean cuisine blended with fresh vegetables and quality ingredients of the region most of the time. With her background in good quality olive oil production, knowing this is one of the most important elements which gives the taste of good food, which comes with years of experience, has proved invaluable to her culinary style.

Since Eda grew up on Mediterranean cuisine, she has always been happy to discover different cuisines. As someone who has been observing and living the food world professionally for many years, she says that Mediterranean cuisine is her favourite, as it emphasizes on fresh, whole foods, healthy fats, and plant-based ingredients with links to numerous health benefits.

Ron Gertler

Eva Caglar

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