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March 2024 BVI Charter
Will, Anna + Natia,
Heartfelt thank you all for fulfilling our dream vacation. We truly had the most amazing time - the food was over the top Anna - Natia the drinks were absolutely the best!!! - Captain Will you guided with grace, laughter to some of the best locations in the world!
Love Davide + Lynne
P.S David's Birthday dinner war so special

Will, Anna & Natia,
I think our broker has covered it all. We had an amazing vacation thanks to your expertise in all areas. You knew just where to bring us and timed everything perfectly. Amazing food and drinks. So unforgettable. Looking forward to next year end seeing you again.Thank you
Love, Cheryl & Dennis

Dear Will, Anna & Natia,
This trip was truly a dream come true. It was beyond our wildest dreams, thanks to all of you!
Everything was perfect and your attention to detail was amazing.We really appreciate all you did for us!
See you soon!!
Love, Scott & Michelle
February 2024 BVI Charter
Will, Anna & Natia, Thank you for filling our week with amazing views, food and sun! Next time we'll all do shot skiis together!
Jay + Jessie

Will, Anna & Natia,
What an amazing experience! Thank you so much for giving us memories to last a lifetime.
Cheryl + Jeff
Will and Anna Past Reviews
Anna was the most amazing hostess we could have possibly asked for. I went into the week thinking the food would be bagels or sandwiches. Instead, we received beautiful plates of fruits, homemade desserts and absolutely incredible meals. I’m really not sure how I am supposed to adjust back to my life WITHOUT Anna. She always would have little surprises for us when we came back such as surprise brownies, hidden snacks or orange bundt cake. In addition to being an amazing hostess/chef, she’s an absolutely lovely person. She’s such a joy to chat with about anything. She has such a bright, effervescent personality that makes her the best hostess on TYW. If I come back to YW, I will absolutely request Anna/Will. They’re an amazing combo but Anna is just in a league of her own when it comes to being a hostess. Some highlights: Eggs Benedict, Homemade Brownies, Anna slapping the bag and forgetting to swallow the wine that came with it. Any crew that gets Anna from this week on is so lucky. Most importantly to everything above - Anna is beautiful AND kind.

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