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CaptainMarko Židić Croatian 1997 Yacht-Master 100 BT
Stewardess/cookIris Vukusic Croatian 1993 Trained Stewardess
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English, Croatian

Crew Profiles:
Marko Zidic was born in Orebić situated on the Pelješacpeninsula. After enrolling in a sailing school at the age of 10, he fell inlove with the boats and the sea. Marko spent my whole childhood sailingand windsurfing. and competed in national and internationalregattas. His skipper career started at the age of 18 on theperformance sailboat "First 7.5" where he mastered my sailing anddocking skills by doing daily boat trips along the Pelješac channel.
After Mark graduated from the University of Kinesiology (human movement) exercise & sports sciences in Split, where he majored in Sailing. As a highly trained and experienced yachtsman, Marko has always been winning high plaudits from his clients for his friendly character, his calm attitude to problem-solving, and his commitment to putting his client’s interests first. Marko is fluent in English. This is a competent captain, approachable at all times, and will be as discrete or engaged as you wish him to be. His last position was onboard Bali 5.4 "Ocean Lounge I".

If I had to choose one place it would definitely be Korčula, but what I like even more is finding a secluded intimate bay, and anchoring there for the night.

Iris Vukisic was born and raised on the island of Brač. Since her grandfather owned a ship for daily cruises along the Croatian coast, sailing was a regular part of her early life. A positive and flexible attitude toward learning is the key element of her character traits. Iris is an intuitive cook followed by daily inspiration and seasonal ingredients. Her areas of expertise include preparing Mediterranean and authentic Dalmatian delicacies. Iris's mission is to make your holiday on ZARA the best you ever had - a truly authentic experience.
Her last position was onboard Bali 5.4 "Ocean Lounge I".

The island that provides the most intimate experience with nature - the island of Korcula.

Marko Židić

Iris Vukušić

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