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Coffee – Tea – Fresh Orange Juice
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter
Cereals – Yogurt with Honey
Bacon and Eggs (Scrambled/Cooked/Fried) - Greek Omelet
Croissant – Toast – Fresh traditional homemade Pies
Pancakes – “Kalitsounia” (small cheese pastry from Crete)
Preserves and Spreads
Assorted Cheeses and Cold Cuts Platter

Chilled leek and avocado soup
Fish pie a la grecque
“Souvlaki” with fig gorgonzola and prosciutto
“Mastelo saganaki” cheese from Chios with mastic liqueur and lime
Stuffed wontons with goat cheese red pepper, rosemary and honey

Stuffed vegetables, variety of vegetables stuffed with a special mix of rice/spices & herbs
Jewfish marinated with beetroot served on sauté spinach
Suckling lamp with plums (traditional recipe from Epirus)
Baked Sea Bass with lemon couscous
Stuffed squid with Cypriot halloumi cheese served on mashed Jerusalem artichoke
Chicken filet in Vinsanto wine sauce and tangerine, served on aromatic rice with dry nuts

Baked lamb shank served on mashed eggplant with sesame paste sauce
Greek Mousaka with Greek salad
Grilled filet with tomato tartar served with French fries
Fresh lobster/prawns spaghetti on fresh tomato sauce garlic and wine
Grilled chicken marinated with whisky and honey in Hellenic yogurt sauce, served with sautéed baby potatoes

Mascarpone and verbena semifreddo
Poached apricots with crème anglaise/ Chocolate soufflé
Crunchy strawberries crumble / Ginger chocolate cheese cake
Yoghurt with Honey and walnuts
Fresh Fruit Cobbler
Chocolate Pie
Coffee – Tea

Sneed Yacht Charters.