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CaptainKostas Emmanouilidis Greek 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: Greek, English, Russian, Romanian, Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Name: Kostas Emmanouilidis
Position: Captain
Nationality: Greek
Captain Kostas is a great captain! Enthusiast about his work and thoroughly professional, with a strong sense of responsibility, extremely competent team organizer, always caring for the safety and well being of his guests, the yacht and crew. He has over a decade of experience on various yachts. A calm and reassuring temper, Kostas makes sure that all guests are safe at all times, as well as having a great time on board. Meticulous with a wonderful positive personality. He is a very kind and pleasant person with great managerial skills and excellent knowledge of the Greek seas.
Languages : English, Greek, Russian (all fluent)

Name: Panagiotis Antoniadis
Position: Chef
Nationality: Greek
Chef Panagiotis has the talent to win all the guests with his delicious creations and has a very pleasant personality and always "can do" attitude. He is strong at meal planning, food safety and hygiene. With his culinary knowledge and a helping hand on board, he is definitely an integral part for an excellent charter on Mythos G! He will surprise you with his high quality dishes and his superb sense of generous hospitality.
Languages : English, Greek, Russian

Name: Marina Jomir
Position: Stewardess
Nationality: Moldavian
Marina is a wonderful Stewardess. Very precise, clean, efficient and hard worker. She is always polite and calm. She is a very dynamic person and extremely well organized. Characterized by motivation with high attention to detail. Marina is communicative and cooperative with her guests. She will always find a way to make your wish happen. A wonderful personality to have on board.
Languages: English, Greek, Russian, Romanian (all fluent), Spanish (basic)

Name: Vadim Sofianidis
Position: Sailor
Nationality: Greek
Vadim is an excellent sailor and gifted seaman. He holds a captain certificate and handles very efficiently any boat, tender, etc. Vadim is also an excellent fisherman and know all the best spots in Greece for any type of fishing, including big game. Extremely knowledgeable, he is a great help on board Mythos G. Very friendly, polite, hardworking and discreet. He believes that the good communication and co-operation makes a good charter. Vadim is a wealth of patience and will always assist you in every way possible with a big smile and can-do attitude.
Languages: English, Greek, Russian (all fluent)

Kostas Emmanouilidis

Panagiotis Antoniadis

Marina Jomir

Vadim Sofianidis

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