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Suggestions according to the variety of local products available and guests preferences


Seasonal fruit plate, Eggs: scrumble , benedictine , fried, omelette
Assortment of bread Philadelphia cheese, butter and yogurt Fritata
Assortment of jams Beans, sausage and potatoes, Bacon, Avocado
Cereales Muffins solted, Croissant, Pancakes French toast wafles and Pan chocolate
Smoothies assortment : Orange juice, Red fruit, almond milk, cinamon, chocolate, ginger, banana
Watermelon-ginger–mint / Celery-lemon-cocumber-green apple-ginger / Papaya-mango-orange-ginger
Strawberry, banana-ginger-almond milk / Orange–Pomegrante / Piña -Coco milk-Passion Fruit


Green mix, Coliflower, garlic grated egg peperonccino, aavocado & ginger, limón, Olive dates Dressing
Rocket, beetroot, oat cheese & garlic chips
Onion, cocumber, tomatoe, celery, mint & oregano
Burrata, tomatinos cherrys, fresh albahaca- fresh oregano , pesto dressing
Rocket, pear roquefort & nuts
Tomatoe Tartar, capers & challotes
Salmon / Tuna Tartare
Gambas al ajillo - Shrimp garlic smoked paprika
Jumbo shrimp citrics, ginger, garlic, lemon, lime and orange zest, grand marnier
Carrot cream, leak, red onion and celery
Ceviche with avocado , orange, lime, cherries, crunchy corn, shalotts , coriander and tabasco
Asparagus Bacon & Mostard Bourbon Dressing
Cheese board
Gazpachio andaluz
Mussels, leak, garlic, white wine
Pumpkin coconut cream.


Gruoper/Mero grilled gently with sage and thyme, green beans, brocoli pureé, textura and esparagos
Cod/Bacalao over crispy puff pastry candied tomatoes, with herbs, black olives, chives and oregano
Lenguado/Sole Fish Lemon garlic Grilled, parsley, alcaparras , runner beans and fresh dill
Salmon grill with soya, sésamo, coliflower parmentier, beetroot sprouts
Gallo grilled with crispy edamame, seaweed salad sèsamo oil and seeds
Tuna tataki previously macerated, grated raw pumpkin pistachio pralimé and rosmary orange oil
Sea Bass/Lubina Pureé de calabaza, orange zest and asparagus
Red Snaper/Pargo with basil sauce and grill potato
Mahi Mahi grilled with citrics, coconut and curcuma rice wit romanesco coliflor
Lobster gently grill with soft spicy butter and fresh tomatoe spaghetti souce


Cow Filet Mignion with rosemary and thyme roner with potato lemon parmentier and crispy skin potatoe
Pork tenderloin macerated with smoked paprika, spices, honey and Humita pureé (Corn Puree with onion)
Entrecotê with bell peper, sautéed potatoes with fresh rosemary, orégano and zuckini grill
Pluma Iberica papines colored, grilled vegis with herbs ( papines, carrots, zuckini / papines -pepers)
Secreto Iberico apple pureé, lemon splash and canónigos
Roast beff cooked at low temperature, Solea reduction and carrot, onion creamy
Entraña chesnut pureé and shallots
Chicken curry, spiced rice, colored vegis, seasoned with creamy coconut


Mashroom Risotto, asparagus, tartufo cream and mushroom assotment
Tagliatelle Beef with carrot, garlic slices, soya souce , tomato and tagliata beef


Fresh Greek yougurt, passion fruit, honey,cinamon and ginger
Polvito uruguayo, merengue, crunchy biscuit, dulce de leche , strawberry on top
Shiot shakarato de cafè lemon zest and dates water
Shake coffee banana cream, chocolate sirup and choco chips on de top
Chocolate mousse
Apple crumble with english cream
Banana with Cognac and coco Ice cream or cinamon
Coulante chocolate & hazelnut ice cream
Rogel mini cake, dulce de leche and cream
Baileys flan with caramel sauce and raspberry fruit
Ice cream variety : pistachio & Hazzelnut pralinè, Avellanas, Pistachio, Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, Lemon
Mango infused with cardamomo, anis, cinamon, clove & orange crumble
Piña al rhum Vainilla ice cream & mint

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