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CaptainFrédéric LORENTE FRENCH 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish and basic German

Crew Profiles:
Nationality: French
Diploma: Master 500, 750 kW, Sport educator sailing
Language spoken: French, Italian and English

Coming from sports sailing, with more than 25 years of experience and several thousand miles done, the captain is a true passion man about the sea.
He did "break" with his sailor career to manage a sailboat rental company and especially take care of his 3 daughters while they grow up. Then, in 2014, he came back to the very closed captains of large sailing units circuit.
After being Whitefin’s Captain, classic sailboat Bruce King 90', he joined the KAJIKIA adventure in November 2022. And he built a crew as his profile: professional, helpful and discreet.
Islander, 46-year-old, from Corsica island, he loves recounting stories and sea anecdotes from the regions he crosses. The Mediterranean and the Caribbean didn't hold secrets for him.
Sharing is his leitmotif! He wants you to live your navigation experience as closely as possible. He will not hesitate to share his knowledge and you could participate in maneuvers if you wish.
Finally, your captain is a submarine hunter and will have the pleasure to make you taste fresh fish.

Nationality: French
Diploma: STCW 2010 - Food Hygien II
Yacht Chef Certificate ASHBURTON
Languages: fluent English, French & Créole

With origins in Martinique, Angella was born and raised in France in a family that enjoys a great French and Creole culinary culture. Learning the passion of cooking from her grand-mother and her mother, it was quite natural and with much pleasure that she learned to cook.
Thanks to her curiosity and hard work, her culinary repertoire grew with the rich and exotic flavors of Mediterranean, Creole and Asian cuisines.
Her various trips allowed her to brighten up her imagination. Her cooking will no doubt delight your taste buds
Organized and unflappable, she is always on hand with a friendly smile to help you throughout your stay on board.
She will be happy to arrange your requirements such as corporate entertaining, children’s requests and any special dietary needs.
Passionate and demanding of herself, her aim is to delight and satisfy the most discerning guests.

Nationality: French
Diploma: STCW,
Languages spoken: fluent English

Originally from the south of France, Anaïs has now been living in the West Indies for 8 years
A traveler at heart and after numerous backpacking trips around the world, it is today on boats that she found her happiness.
With ten years of experience in the luxury hotel industry, going from Switzerland to Saint-Barthélémy and now based on the island of Saint-Martin.
It was two years ago that his passion turned to sailing boats. Always with a smile and boundless energy, she will do her utmost to ensure you have the vacation you dreamed of.

Nationality: French
Diploma: STCW
Languages: fluent Englis & Italian, proficient in Spanish

Anouchka was born in Antigua a hub of the Super Yacht industry and raised in her famous family owned French Restaurant, she has been organically immersed in both high-end services.
Her Atlantic crossing on Parsifal II was her introduction to the industry.
Fluent in French, English, Italian and proficient in Spanish.
Her active background and hobbies include Shotokan Karate, kickboxing and Kitesurfing.
Her motto is "I don't lose, I win or I learn" and will make sure that your stay on Kajikia is a wonderful experience.

Nationality: French
Age: 44
Diploma: STCW, French deckhand certificate (CMP)
Language spoken: French and English

Vanessa has enjoyed a close affinity with nature from her early age.
Her passion for traveling runs in her blood. She used to live on a sailing boat for 3 years in Senegal, worked on trains for 2 years, in the air for 9 years, then she decided to come back to her first love… The ocean
Her background brings on KAJIKIA a strong safety awareness.
Since she joined captain Fred, she crossed twice the Atlantic, worked on a 50 ft catamaran and a beautiful 90 ft classic, around Mediterranean and Caribbean.
Vanessa is positive, friendly and always happy to help. In her spare time, she enjoys watersport and when she's on dry land you´ll find her in the nature, trekking, running or reading a book.
She's looking forward to give KAJIKIA´s guests an unforgettable experience in a safe and fun manner

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