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CaptainStefano Liggio Italian 0
ChefMarisol Alvarez Guzman 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: Italian,English, Spanish, Albanian

Crew Profiles:
Stefano Liggio, Captain
Driven and enthusiastic, with a passionfor life at sea, Captain Stefano Liggio gained an extensive knowledge in all aspects of sailing and navigation, working close to many professional Captains and Crews on board of luxury yachts for charter.
He also gained a strong background in the charter field and boat maintenance. Committed to ensuring the safety of Crew and Passengers while at sea, and adept in monitoring and maintaining the proper functionof the ship.
Captain Stefano's working way is always focused, positive and very professional, creating the best atmosphere for Crew and Guests.
Safety has a key role while he is working.
In his entire career Stefano has been trying to improve all the time, trying to work in the best way possible, with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. Proud member of “Italian Yachtmasters”.
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Marisol Alvarez Guzman, Chef
M3's Chef, Marisol, is an highly motivated person, with a hard-working background and attention to detail.
With a "cando" attitude, Marisol can excel in whatever task is giving to her with little supervision, she can succeed in any challenge and adapt herself to the work conditions she is presented. Providing a hi-level cooking standards, trying to satisfy all the requests from the guests. Specialized in Sushi and Med-diet. Marisol works well with others trying to accomplish the job at hand.
Languages: Spanish, Italian, English

Daniela Luporini, Stewardess
Daniela Luporini, Italian-Mexican, boasts 6 years of yachting experience behind her. A stewardess with a great passion for her work, she is committed to excellent on-board service for her guests.
She speaks Italian, English and Spanish.

Alessio Markja, Deckhand
Alessio Markja, 22 years old from Gaeta, has a great passion for the sea, which has already pushed him far ahead in his career. In fact, Alessio has sailed as a trainee officer on oil tankers and has been approaching the world of yachting for a few seasons now.
He is passionate about diving, travelling and mountains. He speaks Italian, English, Spanish and Albanian.

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