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Dream 60 - Littré Yacht Charters
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Dream 60 - Littré SAMPLE MENU


Premium catamarans – Examples of menus onboard – Mediterranean area

Raw fish and seafood

Baked fish and side dish

Anchovies, prawns, fried fish

Pasta with shrimp and pistachio

Sea salad, garlic bread.

Breaded fish with vegetables

Salad, savoury cake

Pasta with aubergines and swordfish

Swordfish caponata

Stewed fish

Eggplant parmigiana, salad

Pasta with anchovies

Sicilian rolls

Stuffed squid

Grilled Octopus

Pasta with tuna

Stir-fried vegetables, chicken rolls.

Tuna tartare and grilled vegetables

Pasta alla norma (pasta with aubergines, sauce and provola)

Meat with potatoes

Stuffed zucchini, salad

Risotto with seafood

Mix of mussels and clams

Salted fish and salad


Examples. Each hostess/cook has his/her own menus planned according to the clients’ preferences.


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