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10 ( Palermo, Sicily ) – 17 May ( Palermo, Sicily ) 2023
To SEAZEN II’s whole crew and Captain Oz,
We enjoyed the charter a lot and sampled a bit of life at sea (including storms and swells)! Many
thanks to Oz’s knowledge and the crew’s care. We are very happy and hope to see you next year.

Thanks for a wonderful time. We learned so much and felt very well taken care of. I hope to see
everyone again next summer, Chris.
09 ( Saint Tropez ) – 15 July ( Nice ) 2023
We really enjoyed this trip. The staff were beyond amazing. We ate amazing food and we will miss it
very much. This trip was so peaceful and never stressful. Throughout the whole vacation, we felt very
close to the staff and we even learned a few sailing tips from the captain. We have been on a few
boat charter vacations in the past but this one was the best and the most fun by far!

Thank you very much team!!! Without you guys our trip wouldn’t have been fun!

SEAZEN II team, thank you for an amazing experience!!

Thank you very much!! We had an amazing week. The service and food were out of this world.
13 (Saint Raphaël) – 16 August (Saint Raphaël) 2023
What a treat – Thank you so much, just what we needed – now we’ll need to go home and exercise a lot after all the amazing food. Thank you guys– hope to see you all again soon!

See you soon! Next time in TURKEY!! (and for longer!)
30 (Rayol-Canadol-Sur-Mer) – 30 August (Rayol-Canadol-Sur-Mer) 2023
Wonderful boat, amazing crew and thank for a really lovely day!

Sneed Yacht Charters.