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CaptainJohn Applegate USA 1967 50T
Number of Crew: 1Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
John’s journey to becoming the owner / operator of Serenity is not your normal route….John’s background is one of 26 years in the corporate world working for a very large international company responsible for overall global technology and cyber security. In those 26 years John lived 10 years in Amsterdam, 3 years in Singapore and the rest in the US.

Even with the busy corporate schedule John’s escape was always sailing….this passion started at a very young age when sailing was a way for him and his father to bond and spend quality time together. That naturally lead to racing sailboats on local lakes and eventually led to owning and maintenance a sailboat during high school and college.

While John’s working career started John did not stop learning as he spent his spare time taking American Sailing classes as well as PADI SCUBA diving classes….The practical side of sailing school was sublimated with many sailing charter vacations around the world (Greece, Spain, Canaries, Whitsundays, Caribbean, Baltic Sea, English Channel, and the North Sea). Along the way John obtained his British Yachtmaster and US Coast Guard 50 ton Master licenses (sailing auxiliary). John also has his PADI Divemaster certificate and can offer scuba diving onboard Serenity as she is equipped with tanks and dive compressor.

John and his wife (Julie) spent 4 years with their 55’ monohull cruising New England and the Caribbean with many offshore passages. The monohull was sold during COVID and an order for a new HH 50 performance catamaran was placed. While John’s sailing DNA screams monohull….the selection of a true performance catamaran (carbon mast, boom, North 3Di sails, …) was a way to bridge the gap.

If you are looking for a true sailing adventure with a boat that is fully outfitted for circumnavigation with the best technology and equipment along with a well-rounded and very experienced captain, then Serenity is for you.

John Applegate

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